Best Music Academies in Kathmandu Nepal

We are back again, this time with the list of Best Music Academies in Kathmandu Nepal. But before we rush to the list, we’d like to tell you a little about music, types, and genres of music, the music industry in Nepal, and also a bit about music as a career. So let’s start.

The very first question that we’d like to ask you before anything else here is, what’s music for you? Do you listen to music and songs frequently or just sometimes? If I put an argument that music gives pleasure to mind and soul, and heals you from inside when you are overthinking about anything else then I think most of you will agree.

On the other hand, not every music is the same, i.e. there are different types or genres of music that act differently to human psychology. We’ll get to the types of music but let’s tell you what a piece of music is basically made up of.

In general, Music is made up of pitch (controls melody and harmony), rhythm, dynamics (loudness and softness), and color of music a.k.a. the sonic quality of timbre and texture. Music is produced with the help of various instruments, known as, musical instruments and vocals (songs and raps) that are merged.

Types of Music

1.    Blues
2.    Alternative music
3.    Country music
4.    Dance music
5.    Hip Hop / Rap music
6.    Jazz
7.    Popular music a.k.a. Pop music
8.    Rock music
9.    Singer and many others

Music as a Career in Nepal

Music as a career in Nepal is definitely something to look forward to in Nepal. There are many young artists and musicians emerging in Nepal who are working hard in order to produce quality musical content.

Also, there are various musical platforms in the country for musicians where they can show their musical talent. Even the internet has become a very good source of exposure for Nepali musicians.

So musicians are getting good sponsors and shows, which pay them well for their good music. Also, people have now started to understand music so there is a huge competition in the music industry between musical artists that compels them to produce good music.

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So if music as a career in Nepal has to be expressed in one line then we’d say there are many platforms, both online and offline, there are good sponsors, and a very good environment to expose the musical artists in Nepal. People search for good music and there are already many beautifully made Nepali music loved by many people in Nepal and are famous for online platforms as well.

Thus, we’d like to say that if you love music and have thought of building a career in it, a musical career is definitely a better career choice to look after, all you need is creativity and originality otherwise the bad music is ignored by people not just in Nepal but in other countries as well.

Bored already? Don’t worry we are taking you to the list of some of the best music academies in Kathmandu Nepal, where you can learn music and musical instruments, and dream of becoming a good musician. We’d also come up with the list of best music academies from other parts of Nepal other than Kathmandu so stay with us.

List of Best Music Academies in Kathmandu Nepal

1.    Nepal Music Center

Nepal Music Center (NMC), located at Pingalasthan, Battisputali, Kathmandu, is a non-profit organization with music education as its primary focus is to undertake non-commercial activities in the fields of music, culture, and education for preserving the intangible heritage of Nepal so is among the best music academies in Kathmandu Nepal.

It was established in 2006 with the collaboration between Music Nepal(Pioneer Lable Company, Nepal) and Rikskonsertene (Concerts Norway) after discussing the social need for a platform for formal music education.

NMC works to preserve, teach, and promote the music and dance of various ethnic groups of Nepal at the national and international levels. As such, its four areas of focus are formal music education; research, documentation, preservation, and dissemination; international exchange; and the promotion of local musicians.

NMC derives much of its strength from partnerships with other stakeholders in music in Nepal. The government of Nepal and schools across the country are key stakeholders, and both are working in close collaboration with NMC to further music education in Nepal.

Performance and creativity are at the center of NMC’s activities. Through the good connections with leading educational institutions and organizations from different parts of the world, the center offers student and teacher exchanges and international professional experience which will invaluably broaden student’s horizons.

Nepal Music Center sees for itself several roles in the development of music and music education in Nepal. First and foremost, it serves as a music school, a space where students of all ages can come for formal music education. It also strives to scout and promotes talent across the country, with an intensive program designed to nurture exceptionally promising students. The Center also provides professional development for emerging musicians, based on its recognition of the challenges musicians may face in starting a career.

The music major at the High School (under the technical and vocational stream) is one of the highly esteemed achievements of Nepal Music Center. Like any High School, the music major program at NMC for Grade 9 and 10 has an illustrious history of outstanding music education combined with a broad academic education in various music disciplines, with the option of developing individual talent in singing or playing an instrument, and to participate in various performances.

– Programs Offered

1.    Vocal
2.    Sarangi
3.    Violin
4.    Tabala
5.    Keyboard
6.    Madal
7.    Drums
8.    Guitar
9.    Eastern Dance
10.    Western Dance
11.    Bass
12.    Music Theory
13.    Arranging and Composing
14.    DJ
15.    Sitar
16.    Flute
17.    Music Technology

2.    Surshala Music Academy

Surshala Music Academy, located in Arun Thapa Chowk, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur has been in the teaching field of arts and music since its establishment in 2004 AD. The music academy works hard to give the best music learning experience to its students and is known to be one of the best music academies in Kathmandu Nepal.

Surshala Music Academy aims to achieve musical excellence among children and adults who aspire to music as a career choice and/or music as a path to peace and joy has a name and fame all over Nepal as well as in foreign countries.

With practical and theoretical methods of learning vocals, dance, instruments, drama, and art, Surshala provides vocational music courses for CTEVT as well as online vocal classes. The academy is currently providing music lessons to more than 250 students from 15 different countries and more than 2000 students over the past years.

Surshala’s sister organization namely Surshala Foundation, has been registered primarily to undertake the social mission of the Academy. It has been providing free music lessons to 100 financially weak students who are keen on learning music and talented enough to justify the cross-subsidy provided by the academy.

Having 12 years of excellence in providing music education, Surshala has organized Surshala Little champs in 2012, children camps, musical events, and a musical therapy program for more than 12000 children during an earthquake in Nepal. The Academy has worked with top music companies of Nepal like Music Nepal, Rebel Creation, etc. in the past few days.

Surshala Music academy and Surshala Foundation are going to develop music as education for children and music as a career for youth in Nepal. Surshala collaborating with different NGOs AND INGO for this creative education to change the education system through music in Nepal. Thousand of children, youth, and females are interested to learn music and they want to develop a career in the music field in Nepal.

– Programs Offered

1.    Vocal
2.    Dance
3.    Different Instrument Classes (Keyboard, Drum, Guitar, and so on)
4.    Drama
5.    Arts
6.    Music Teacher Training
7.    Montessori Teacher Training

3.    Kaleidoscope Music Academy

Kaleidoscope Music Academy is a renowned music academy in Kathmandu valley, located at Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Since its establishment in 1990, Kaleidoscope Music Academy has been offering training classes in the field of music. It offers training for vocals, drums class, guitar class, etc.

By giving such training, Kaleidoscope Music Academy hopes to produce skilled singers and musicians to uplift the level of the music industry in Nepal.

– Programs Offered

1.    Vocal
2.    Drum class
3.    Guitar class

4.    Asian Himalayan Music School

Asian Himalayan Music School is one of the popular music schools in Kathmandu valley located at Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal.

With a view to exploring, studying, and preserving traditional Nepali arts, Asian Himalayan Music School was established in 1994 by a team of renowned Nepali cultural artists. The school is duly registered and recognized by the Government of Nepal.

Asian Himalayan Music School conducts both traditional and modern dance, music, and vocal classes. The traditional instruments taught to play are of a wide range representing different ethnic groups of Nepal; Madal, Sarangi, Damphu, and Binayo are some of the instances.

Asian Himalayan Music School trains the students, amateur and professional alike, to excel at their skills. Organizing performances for special occasions is another concern of the school. The school manages different cultural performances representing different ethnic groups with their traditional dress, musical instruments, and dance practices.

This music school has already made a mark as one of the best music academies in Kathmandu Nepal and envisions to explore, practice, develop and preserve the cultural and traditional Nepali folk arts.

– Programs Offered

1.    Vocal
2.    Harmonium
3.    Piano
4.    Guitar
5.    Violin
6.    Key Board
7.    Flute
8.    Sarangi
9.    Madal
10.    Tabala

5.    Sadhana Kala Kendra

Sadhana Kala Kendra is a government-registered and recognized music school located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal.

It was established in 1991 A.D. with the aim to preserve Nepalese art, culture, and civilization.

Sadhana Kala Kendra has experienced so far Twenty Five Springs in serving the rays of knowledge in the various fields of music, song, and dance to the thousand of minds with expert hands.

The school has even dedicated itself to varieties of colorful programs in the various parts of the country. It has been able to enjoy the name, fame, and a wide range of collections of modern musical ideas and instruments as well.

– Programs Offered

1.    Vocal
2.    Dance
3.    Guitar
4.    Keyboard
5.    Violin
6.    Flute and others

6.    Musica Music Institute

Musica Music Institute is a music program sponsored by the Playing for Change Foundation. It is located in Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal.

The music program that began in Hari Kul’s humble drum shop in Lalitpur has expanded into the newly-founded Musica Music Institute. The new, expanded program, established by brothers Dinesh and Mahesh Nakarmi, has access to computers, the ability to introduce recording classes, and is hosting public performances so the students can showcase what they’ve learned.

The Musica Music Institute is already establishing itself as a source of inspiration and creative expression for Nepali youth.

– Programs Offered

1.    Music class
2.    Vocal class
3.    Keyboard class
4.    Guitar class
5.    Drum class

7.    Hari Kul Music School

Hari Kul Music School is located in Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal. It is run and managed by Mr. Hari Kul, who is a renowned musician in Nepal and also makes hand-crafted musical instruments.

With the support of the Playing For Change Foundation, Hari receives kids twice a week and teaches them traditional and modern music. What this institute is doing in the field of music in Nepal compelled us to include its name in this list of best music academies in Kathmandu Nepal.

– Programs Offered

1.    Music (Traditional and Modern)
2.    Drum class
3.    Guitar class
4.    Harmonium class
5.    Keyboard class
6.    Tabala class
7.    Madal class
8.    Sarangi class

8.    Sushila Arts Academy

Sushila Arts Academy is named in the memory and spirit of Sushila Koirala, wife of Nepal’s first democratically elected Prime Minister B.P. Koirala. It is located at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sushila Arts Academy is an Independent Extra Curriculum School for Children & Adults. The Academy provides a variety of music, dance, art, and theater courses for interested individuals.

Sushila Arts Academy believes that every Individual personality should be developed in a holistic way through the Arts, as it is the basis of all education. Only the Arts can provide an integrated approach to reality, combining aesthetic and sensorial elements to produce intelligence capable of independent thought and judgment.

The Academy envisions to establish itself as one of the best music academies in Nepal and provide high caliber arts education for talented, dedicated students in Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre.

– Programs Offered

1.    Music
2.    Dance
3.    Art
4.    Theatre

9.    Doremi Sangeet Pathshala

Doremi Sangeet Pathshala is located in Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal. As the name signifies, Doremi Sangeet Pathshala is a music school that has been teaching music to students interested to be a musician or a career in the music industry.

All the music classes are supervised by qualified and experienced instructors.

– Programs Offered

1.    Music

10.    Maruni Kala Kendra

Maruni Kala Kendra is an entertainment academy located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Since its inception, Maruni Kala Kendra has been offering training courses in Music, Dance, and Arts.

All the training is supervised by experienced instructors who have vast experience in the industry.

– Programs Offered

1.    Music
2.    Dance
3.    Arts

11.    Natyeshwor Music Training Center

Natyeshwor Music Training Center is located in Samakhusi, Kathmandu, Nepal.
As its name signifies, Natyeshwor Music Training Center has been offering training courses in Music and playing various Musical instruments.

All the music classes are conducted under the supervision of qualified and experienced instructors.

– Programs Offered

1.    Music

12.    Memory Music Art Center

Memory Music Art Center, located in Narayan Gopal Chowk, Kathmandu, Nepal is dedicated to providing quality music training to the students. Students get to learn about music and musical instruments from the institutes well experienced and highly skilled music instructors, who themselves have become to make a good mark in the music industry of Nepal.

The music academy envisions creating a sound learning environment for its students and producing quality and skilled music professionals who can go on to make a good impression in the Nepali music industry in the future. We’ve therefore considered the name of this institute in our list of best music academies in Kathmandu Nepal.

– Programs Offered

1.    Music
2.    Arts

13.    Royal Music Academy

Royal Music Academy has established in 2013 AD and is located in Old Bus Park, Bagbazar, Kathmandu.

The center has been teaching musical instruments such as Drum, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, etc.

Royal Music Academy also rents the sound system for various occasions such as School programs, picnics, and others. And has a practice room for anyone interested.

– Programs Offered

1.    Drum class
2.    Guitar class
3.    Bass guitar class
4.    Keyboard class

We’re stopping here with our list. Find yourself a good music academy to learn music and art from the above list. Also, don’t forget to write us in the comments regarding any other names, which you think we’ve missed in this list of best music academies in Kathmandu Nepal as we’ll keep updating this list in the days to come. Cheers!

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