About us

What we do?

We Aggregate Students to their required educational platform along with accommodations choices. Our aim is to be the Largest Education Network that also provides basic and preparational education at a very low cost using technology that will help students to access from any locations they want.

Kpadhne.com is an Edtech startup promoted by Kinav Edtech Pvt ltd. a parent company of kpadhne, incorporated under company Act 2063, in the company registrar’s office in Kathmandu Nepal. The concept of Kpadhne was a rigorous brainstorming and background study of the Nepalese education sector and the challenges faced by several stakeholders like students, parents, service providers, etc. kinav edtech private ltd is promoted with the sole objective of making education reach and educational services/activities accessible & efficient through the leverage of technology. This company was founded in the year 2017 in Kathmandu Nepal. The promoter of this company belongs to a diverse field of education, management, banking, media, IT, and marketing.

We at Kpadhne.com aim to impart and make the process of providing and receiving education a very simple yet organized way. Education in Nepal is a highly fragmented and scattered market to cater. With the concentration of major educational institutions and the opportunities in major cities like Kathmandu, Narayangarh, Butwal, Lahan, Janakpr, & Rajbiraj, etc. the possibilities to solve the problem of each individual student, education provider, and parents are concentrated in major cities yet with a cost of time and huge investment. We plan to simplify this process by providing education services like registration, conduction of entrance exam, counseling & admission, the flow of right information at right time, national & international scholarships & assessment, bridging the gap between large corporates & students, marketing of educational institutions like Montessori, schools, training institutes, colleges, international educational service providers from countries like Australia, India, UK, USA, Korea, and Japan, etc. providing students the services like entrance tutorials, pieces of training, lobbying of scholarships, appearing for entrance, competitive exams, etc as well as providing teachers and freelancers to market their intellectual/academic skillsets themselves through our platform yet in a zero cost from any part of the country.