Best Lok Sewa Preparation (PSC) Institutes in Kathmandu

This article is about the best Lok Sewa Preparation (PSC) Institutes in the Kathmandu Valley. Yearly, hundreds of candidates from all around Nepal, apply for Loksewa Preparation class. Among them, only a small number of participants are selected. There are many phases in the selection process that should be passed in order to be eligible for the government job.

Best Lok Sewa Preparation (PSC) Institutes in Kathmandu

What is Public Service Commission/Lok Sewa Aayog?

The public Service Commission (PSC) also called Lok Sewa Aayog is the constitutional governing body of Nepal.  The public Service Commission (PSC) is responsible for the selection of candidates required by the Government for Civil service vacancies.

Passing Lok Sewa Aayog is not an easy job. One needs lots of hard word dedication to fight with thousands of other candidates. As we can see, there are thousands of applicants for very few vacancies. This means you need to be best enough to be picked up from thousands.

Selection Process

The Public Service Commission conducts examinations for the selection of candidates as per the Public Service Commission (Procedure) Act, 2066 B.S. using one or more methods of selection as follows:
1.    Open competitive written examination
2.    Open competitive practical examination
3.    Interview and
4.    Any other methods adopted by the Commission

TO carry out the selection process, the Commission publishes a vacancy announcement for the concerned candidates in the “Gorkhapatra” every Wednesday. The Commission has also adopted an annual calendar of operation of its activities which incorporates all the details of phases of the selection process.

To maintain fairness and impartiality in the selection process, the commission has adopted a system of “multi-blindness” in which setting and moderation of questions, checking of answer sheets, conduction of interviews as well as result of written examinations and interviews are carried out in a manner that officials involved are kept in anonymity to each other.

Choosing the best mentors and guidance is key. For that, you need to choose a trusted and highly reputed institute. As there are hundreds of Lok Sewa preparation institutes in Kathmandu, you might be confusing which one to choose.

Considering your problem of finding out best Lok Sewa preparation institute in Kathmandu, here is the list best Lok Sewa (Public Service Commission- PSC) preparation institutes in Kathmandu.

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1.    Chaitanya Institutes of Management

Chaitanya Institute of Management offers Lok-Sewa Preparation classes and teacher service commission (TSC) exam preparation classes. It also offers the best Chartered Accountancy (CA) classes. Chaitanya Institute of Management provides quality educational training to complement much-needed life skills to the upcoming generation of students.

It is located in New Baneshwor Kathmandu and aims to provide quality and hands-on education and training to prospective students for both technical (CA) and non-technical students. So, if you are looking for the best Lok Sewa Preparation classes then you can remember the Chaitanya Institute of Management.

Offered Programs

1.    Chartered Accountancy
2.    PSC Preparation Classes (Lok-Sewa)
3.    Teacher Service Commission (TSC) exam preparation
4.    Other Training
Location – New Baneshowr, Kathmandu

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2.    NAME Institute

It is a quite familiar name in the Nepali institute field when it comes to preparation classes. NAME has been giving the best results from its early days since 2006. This renowned institute always tried to keep the best possible teachers and publish the most suitable educational materials needed for students. It is one of the best Lok Sewa Preparation (PSC) Institutes in the Kathmandu Valley.
What makes NAME different from others in the field is that they never make an unrealistic commitment to students and never claim false results. This is why NAME has been the biggest name in the field of medical institutions.

Offered Programs

1.    Entrance preparation for B. Sc. in Agriculture, Forestry, Veterinary, and Husbandry.
2.    BPH, BN, BMLT. BAMS, B. Optometry, BASLP and B. Sc. MIT entrance preparation.
3.    Entrance Preparation course for the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
4.    MBBS (IOM & BPKIHS), BDS, Premedical entrance preparation.
5.    Lok Sewa Aayog (Public Service Commission) Preparation classes.
Location – Opposite Singhadurbar, Putalisadak – Kathmandu

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3.    Wave Institute

We have Wave Institute in number three in the list of the best Lok Sewa Preparation Institutes in Kathmandu. is located in the heart of the Kathmandu, Bagbazar. Wave has been providing quality education in the field of preparation classes for Lok Sewa Aayog preparation, Korean language, ASI/ Inspector, and other banks/ finances.

If you are looking for the best Lok Sewa Aayog preparation institutes around Bagbazar, then Wave institute might be your last stop. Join Wave and get the best exposure for your Lok Sewa Preparation.

Programs Offered

1.    Lok Sewa Preparation/ Teachers
2.    Korean Language (EPS)
3.    ASI/ Inspector
4.    Banks/ Finances
Location – Bagbazar, Kathmandu

4.    Valley Institute Kirtipur

If you are looking for the best Lok Sewa Preparation institutes around Kirtipur, then here is Valley Institute for you. Kritipur Valley Institute is also one of the top educational institutes specializing in Korean Language courses. It also helps them to prepare for the EPS-TOPIK examination for Korea.

The institute also offers language classes for the Japanese and English courses. All the classes are conducted under the supervision of highly qualified professional instructors.
You can remember Valley Institute Kirtipur for Lok Sewa Preparation classes, and Korean and Japanese language classes with affordable fees.

Programs Offered

1.    EPS-Topik exam preparation
2.    Korean Language Course
3.    Japanese Language Course
4.    English Language Course
5.    Lok Sewa Preparation Classes
Location – Kirtipur, Kathmandu

5.    Apex Educational Academy

Apex Educational Academy is located at the heart of the Kathmandu City, Putalisadak. It has been running classes for the entrance preparation of the Loksewa examination, Banking exam, Teacher Service Commission, Nursing exam, and many more.

Till now, the academy has successfully produced skilled and competent manpower who are working in the various post in Governments posts. So, if you are looking for the best Lok Sewa Preparation classes then you can remember Apex Educational Academy.

Many students from it have positive reviews about teaching methodology, environment, and specially qualified teachers. So, all the passed out students refer their friends and family to join Apex Educational Academy for the following mentioned classes.

Programs Offered

1.    Loksewa preparation class
2.    Banking exam preparation class
3.    Teacher Service Commission preparation
4.    Nursing entrance preparation
Location – In front of Shanker Dev Campus, Putalisadak – Kathmandu

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6.    Vibrant

When it comes to MBBS Entrance preparation, you remember Vibrant. It is the only MBBS Entrance Preparation Centre promoted by front-line entrance specialist faculties that have produced thousands of doctors so far.

All have witnessed the biggest achievement of ours in the short span of time. Definitely, there must be some concrete reasons behind it. A few of the secrets are we know what you need, we know how to guide and of course, we know how to shape you to become a doctor. We warmly welcome you all. Join us and realize your dream come true. It is one of the best Lok Sewa Preparation (PSC) Institutes in the Kathmandu Valley.

After successful achievement of MBBS, Ayurvedic, Nursing, and forestry preparation classes, you can remember Vibrant as one of the best Lok Sewa preparation institutes. After years of experience in entrance preparation classes, Vibrant is offering the best Lok Sewa Preparation classes as there is a high demand for this course.

Programs Offered

1.    Medical Entrance Preparation – MBBS
2.    B.Sc. Nursing Preparation
3.    B.Sc. Forestry Preparation
4.    Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) Preparation
Location – Putalisadak, Kathmandu

7.    Columbia Academy

Columbia Academy is one of the renowned educational institutes located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It specializes in its education service for the entrance preparation of the Lok Sewa examination, Bank examination, and Teacher Service Commission exam.

It runs courses like ASI Inspector, Kharidar, Nayab Subba, Cadet Officer, etc. More than 100 students are satisfied with the curriculum of the Institute and have been successfully working in different sectors.

Programs Offered

1.    Lok Sewa Preparation Classes
2.    Bank Test Preparation
3.    Teacher Service Commission Test Preparation Classes
Location – New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

8.    Zenith Study Center

Zenith Study Center is a renowned institute located in Kupandole – 10, Lalitpur, Nepal. It has been delivering quality and practical education. Zenith Study Center offers the best education to cater to the needs of the ambitious students who have set a goal in their life to serve their motherland and wish to be competent in the market.

The study center offers entrance examination preparation classes for Lok Sewa, nursing, and paramedical sectors. Likewise, it also runs abroad test studies like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and GRE. Adding other training courses such as SPSS, Proposal writing, report writing, etc. Zenith Study Center enjoys the destination of having successfully turned out more students in various examinations.

So, if you are looking for the best Lok Sewa Preparation institutes near the Kupandole area, then you can contact Zenith Study Center.

Programs Offered

Entrance Preparation for

1.    Lok Sewa Aayog Preparation
2.    Nursing Entrance Classes
3.    Paramedical  Entrance Classes

Abroad Pest Preparation for

1.    IELTS
2.    TOEFL
3.    SAT
4.    GRE
Location – Kupandole Lalitpur, Nepal

9.    NIMS Institute

As you know, NIMS Institute is a pioneer institute in the field of Medical, Nursing, and Lok Sewa Entrance preparation course. Established in 2062 BS by a group of different disciplines, NIMS Institute has always been striving to accomplish its determined objective to cater quality education and guidance to the aspirants of Medical (MBBS, BDS, BAMS), Paramedical (BPH, B.Pharmacy, B.Sc.MLT, BASLP, B.Optom, B.Sc.MIT) and Nursing (Staff Nurse, B.Sc.Nursing, B.N.) students.

Besides it, NIMS Institute also provides quality education for Lok Sewa test preparation, NLEN and Shikshak Sewa, Section officer preparing students. It also offers Bridge Course for SEE appeared students.

Moreover, the institute plays a vital role in providing counseling services to the students for their future career. So, if you are searching for best Lok Sewa Preparation Institutes along with below-mentioned courses, your last stop will be the NIMS Institute.

Programs Offered

1.    Bridge Course

Medical Entrance Preparation for

1.    MBBS
2.    BDS
3.    BAMS

Paramedical Entrance Preparation for

1.    BPH
2.    B.Pharmacy
3.    B.Sc.MLT
4.    BASLP
5.    B.Optom
6.    B.Sc.MIT

Nursing Entrance Preparation for

1.    Staff Nurse
2.    B.Sc.Nursing
3.    B.N.

Other Test Preparation Course for

1.    Lok Sewa Preparation
2.    Teacher Service Commission
Location – Bagbazar Kathmandu, Nepal

All the Best Lok Sewa Preparation institutes in Kathmandu mentioned above are listing only. There is huge demand of Government posts as Nepal has just gone to decentralization of the services and power.

There is one say in Nepali “Sarkari Jagir” which means a secure and permanent job. No matter what performance you perform throughout your life. There is no fear of getting fired and demotion in the government job[unless you do serious crime/anti-nation activity] like in a private company.

Despite of a decent amount of salary and facilities, the government job is considered as a most secured job in Nepal. So, why you miss it this opportunity? Go, choose and join any of the listed institutes as per your preference and convenience.

All the best !!!

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