Mero Share

Mero Share

Mero Share is a web portal of CDSC (Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd) which provides the details of share transactions with their D-Mat account so that investor can track their share information anytime and from anywhere. Mero Share will save your time and money in share transactions. It is super easy to Mero Share login and apply for an IPO and check IPO Results. Now you will not need to visit broker platforms to buy/sell shares or even to deposit/withdraw money from them. Mero Share is one of the best products of CDSC and yes there were server issues in the past but now it’s good. The Mero Share CDSC website is mero share cdsc com np where you can find all the details.  

Mero Share Dashboard and Features

Once you login to mero share from mero share cdsc com np you will see the dashboard shown in the picture. The dashboard provides a summary of all the information on your share profile, Total share value, and top 5 share value.  
Mero Share Dashboard  
  • First- My Details have personal information, BOID, name, address of the account holder, and other general information of the user.
  • Second- My Share It lists the details of shares owned by the individual, within lock-in, freeze, and free balance. You should always look at the free balance of shares before selling.
  • Third- My Transaction History provides the history of buying and selling shares, details of bonus shares, right shares, and mergers.
  • Forth- My Portfolio shows the worth of shares yesterday, today (LTP), and the total worth.
  • Fifth- My Pledged Share Detail is the share where you find all your pledged share details.
  • Sixth- My Bank request has information on the bank account, branch, bank name
  • Seventh &- My ASBA provides you with information and tools to help invest in the right shares easily. ‘View your record’ will open your account statement and display the list of shares that you hold. It has the information in the currently opened IPO, FPO, Right, and Bonus shares.
  • Apply for Issue
  • Current Issue
  • Application Report
  • Old Application Report
  • Eighth-‘Purchase Source’ will show the step-by-step process of getting the share.
  • Ninth-With My EDIS, you can approve the list of shares that you are selling, and also has a share transfer facility too.

Mero Share Account

To open a Mero share account, you need to follow the following steps.
  • First, you need to have a D-mat account which shall require visiting any of the nearest branches of any Bank.
  • Upon getting the D-MAT Number, you need to register the CRN number which stands for CASBA Registration Number.
  • To get a CRN number, you need to visit the bank where you have opened a savings account and can be requested from any of the branches near to you. Now that you have the CRN number, you need to get an account for “Mero Share” by going to and then registering yourself with all the required details which include your name as printed on your I-card and Mobile Number.
  • You can download the Mero Share Form from Bank’s websites or can visit the banks as well.

Mero Share Login

Here are the steps of the Mero Share login. Go to and sign in Mero Share. Sometimes people while login to Mero share Cdsc website use meroshare cdsc com np instead of
  • Select your DP (Depository Participant)
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Your login to your Mero share account
Note that Mero share is an individual account and cannot be transferred to any person. The person is responsible for transactions performed. Keep your login id confidential and do not share it with anybody. Mero Share Login Tips: Select a bank or depository participant of Mero Share which does not charge any fee while applying IPO, there are banks that might charge few amounts. This can be done while opening Mero share and D-Mat accounts.  

How to Apply for an IPO from Mero Share

Using the Mero Share and IPO application is a very simple process.
  • All you need to do is log in to your Mero Share account using your DP, username, and Password.
  • Click on MY ASBA and select apply for Current Issue
  • Select the linked Bank from that you want to deposit the balance. This amount will be blocked until allotment.
  • Select the number of shares you want to apply for
  • Enter the CRN number and tick the check box
  • Click the proceed and enter your PIN, you’re done.
How to Apply for an IPO Always check the prospectus before applying IPO, You can download and check it while applying an IPO.

FAQ on Mero Share

  • Is there any charge to open a Mero Share Account?
    • Welcome to the next generation of Mero Share in which users are able to add and share content with friends and family on their different devices. From now on, new user registration charges for Mero Share are just NPR 50 whereas the renewal charge is also the same at NPR 50.
    • D-Mat Renewal fee is Rs. 100 some banks might wave it.
One can do it using eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, Prabhu Pay, NCHL (Connect IPS) Mero Share and Demat Renew
  • How can we Change our EMAIL of the Mero Share Account?
    • Yes, you can change it by contacting the Bank, in most cases, you have to visit the Bank to change your email in the Mero Share account.

Mero Share App

Mero Share APP lets users buy and sell shares easily with just a few taps on their smartphone. Regardless of location or time of day, they can decide what they want to trade, estimate the potential profit from the transaction, and settle it all with a few taps. You can download the mero share app from the play store. Mero Share App Sourece on Mero share app

Weighted Average Cost of Capital WACC Calculator formula

WACC is the average cost of capital you invested in a particular stock/share. WACC= P1*Number of shares purchased + P2 NS + P3*NS…../ number of shares outstanding P1- The price of one P2- Price Two and so on NS- Number of shares purchased   This is calculated while share transferring in Mero Share (EDIS) to calculate Capital gain/loss on a share sold.  

Important Terms Meaning


Dematerialization (Demat)

Dematerialization helps investment managers reduce the costs and risks associated with managing large quantities of paper. In simple words, Demat is a process to move from paper securities to electronic form.

Beneficial Owner (BO)

The BO is the person who has opened the Demat account with CDSC through a registered DP to deposit their securities or instruments which are capable of being deposited in Demat form. You are required to disclose the name of the Beneficial Owner (BO) of your Depository Account.  

Depository Participants (DP)

A person or entity who is authorized by the depository to transact securities settlement business with its participants and clients. Depository Participant makes the biggest contribution to the development of Nepal’s capital market. It is very important because it opens another gate for every Nepali to participate in capital market activities.  

CDSC Objectives

CDSC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nepal Stock Exchange Limited. The organization provides its services in dematerialized form and performs the depository functions for various Instruments (Equity, Bonds, Warrants, etc.). This organization is entrusted with the safekeeping, deposit, and withdrawal of securities certificates and transfer of ownership/rights of the said instruments. The CDSC is responsible to publish IPO results via IPOresult. CDSC.COM.NP. It is a central body and CDSC offers secure, efficient, and reliable securities dematerialization backed by its nationwide depository/processing network. CDSC offers the service to all customers who wish to buy or sell securities: Corporate Customers. Mero Share, IPO Results are managed by CDSC Source on  FaceNepal    


  We share the topics here in Kpadhne because students must be aware of their finance. All students must apply for the IPO to save money for future education. Mero Share is a tool that we all have to use and we don’t recommend students for the Secondary market without proper knowledge but IPO is a thing we must apply seeing the company if good.  
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