Best IT College in Kathmandu Valley

In this article, we will be discussing the best IT college in the Kathmandu Valley. Here in Nepal, the craze for Information Technology students has been increased in the past few years. The global course is attracting a vast amount of mass. Every year Nepal produce hundred of I.T. graduates. However, it seems that the craze for the Information Technology course remains the same.  We have provided some of the best IT colleges in the Kathmandu Valley.

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1. Sunway College:

IT College

Established in 2010 A.D., Sunway College is a privately owned higher educational institution in Maitidevi (Behind the Maitidevi Temple), Kathmandu, Nepal. Sunway International Business School offers both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s levels in Kathmandu that is one in Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS Hons.) and the other in Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs under the affiliation of Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL). The Ministry of Education (MoE) approves the MBA and Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) as BCS degrees and Tribhuwan University (T.U.) equivalents. Sunway College prepares students to be serious candidates for various jobs in multinational corporations and local companies. Sunway International Business School awards scholarships based on the candidates’ qualifications. In addition, Sunway offers scholarships based on a point-based scholarship award methodology. Sunway College is one of the best IT colleges in the Kathmandu Valley.

Program Overview of Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS Hons.)

  • Mainly deals with Software Engineering and Programming.
  • It also consists of mathematics, Management, Entrepreneurship, and communication skills courses.
  • It Supports significant programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, .Net, Android, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc.
  • Internship Placement Assistance in the sixth semester
  • Mini/major project every semester
  • Multiple Teaching Assistance to help with coursework.

Program Overview of Master and Key features of Business Administration (MBA) Course:

  • The corporate world may have unforeseen enigmatic scenarios. They are challenging, but if mastered, they lead to immense success. This curriculum will help you advance in your job and achieve more success in your future commercial efforts. 
  • The option of four different significant subjects allows students to have in-depth mastery in their respective fields.
  • The lectures consist of experts who bring industry expertise to enable the students to experience real business scenarios in the classroom.

2. Everest Engineering College:

IT College

Everest Engineering College (EEC), founded in 2001 A.D., is one of Nepal’s most prestigious and top engineering colleges affiliated with Pokhara University. EEC is located in Sanepa-2, Lalitpur, Nepal’s oldest educational town. The College is led by a group of young, energetic academics. They have extensive expertise in administration, classroom teaching, and research in various engineering subjects. We have been providing students with a high-quality education and generating academically sound, highly talented human resources with high human values and professional integrity for society and the nation.  The Ministry of Education (MoE) approves the Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE-Computer), and Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE IT) programs. We have listed EEC as the best IT college in the Kathmandu Valley.

Program Overview of Bachelor of Civil Engineering (B.E.Civil)

Everest Engineering College offers a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, a four-year undergraduate program divided into eight semesters. It is a demanding academic program that explores various professional fields such as transportation and highway design, earthquake and geotechnical engineering, water resource and hydropower, and structural designs of skyscrapers, steel, and RCC structures such as shopping malls and bridges, among others. EEC curriculum is up to date to address all of the subjects mentioned above and many others in human civilizations.


Program Overview of Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE-Computer)

The Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE-Computer) is a four-year, eight-semester undergraduate curriculum mixes computer science, hardware engineering, and integration. This combined degree will acquire the knowledge and abilities needed to design, develop, and implement computer systems’ hardware and software components in today’s technological environment. Therefore, computer Systems Engineering and Applied Computer Science will focus on this degree.

Program Overview of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE IT)

BE IT (Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology) is a four-year, eight-semester curriculum that combines computer science and data communication. This program’s course format is based on international trends from the United States and Australia. In today’s technological environment, this degree combines the subjects of computer science and information communication technology to provide the knowledge and skills needed to design, develop, and implement both hardware and software components. 

3. ISMT College:

ISMT was founded in 2011 to provide internationally recognized qualifications. It collaborates with the University of Sunderland, Pearson BTEC, and ACCA UK to offer a variety of capabilities. It is here to change Nepal’s education system by providing industry-relevant education and making higher education accessible and useful to everyone with the desire to succeed. ISMT is committed to providing inclusive, cost-effective, and internationally recognized best IT colleges in the Kathmandu Valley that are sensitive to local needs and values. Our mission is to reach out to more students and provide them with high-quality, life-changing learning that satisfies their needs while benefiting society. Students at ISMT will graduate with an internationally recognized U.K. degree that will open doors to a rewarding career.

Program Overview of ACCA:

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Institute is a global professional accounting body that offers the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. It was founded in 1904. The ACCA Qualification is the most universally acknowledged accounting qualification in the world.

 Program Overview of (BHM) International Tourism and Hospitality Management BSc.(Hons) :

The BHM at ISMT is provided by BTEC HND and the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom. The curriculum covers both the hospitality industry’s fundamental and governing principles/theories and a variety of practical lessons in customer service, event planning and management, food and beverage production, hospitality service delivery and accommodation and front office operations, among other topics. 

Importantly, students who have finished two years at ISMT can transfer their credits to various universities in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Program Overview of BSc. (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering

ISMT offers a BSc (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering degree through BTEC HND and the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom. The curriculum includes significant computing and information technology aspects, emphasizing software engineering, networking, data technology, artificial intelligence, Android mobile development, and information systems.

Importantly, students who have finished two years at ISMT can transfer their credits to various universities in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and elsewhere and complete their final year there or at ISMT.

Program Overview of B.A. (Hons) Business and Management (BBA)

The BBA is one of the most popular undergraduate business degrees at the University of Sunderland. It provides students with a strong foundation in management, marketing, finance, operations, and the global economy. Students will learn both hard and soft skills to deal with complicated, ambiguous, and dynamic circumstances that they may encounter in many corporate environments and contexts.

Importantly, students who have finished two years at ISMT can transfer their credits to various universities in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and elsewhere and complete their final year there or at ISMT.

4. Padmashree International College:

At Padmashree College, faculties are dedicated to providing a diverse range of top-notch programs designed to equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful future. With a rich history spanning over a decade, Padma shree college has emerged as a shining example of excellence in education. And is among one of the top IT colleges in Nepal.

Padmashree International College- IT College in Nepal

Program Offered

  1. Bachelor’s in Information Technology (BIT): BIT program is meticulously crafted to meet the ever-evolving demands of the IT industry. It empowers students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, setting them on a path to success in this dynamic field.
  2. Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management (BHM): If you dream of a thriving career in the exciting world of hospitality, our BHM program is your ticket. We offer comprehensive training and insights into the hospitality industry, ensuring you’re well-prepared to excel.
  3. Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) (in affiliation with Nilai University, Malaysia): BBA program, sanctioned by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST), provides students with a global perspective on business. Thanks to our affiliation with Nilai University, you’ll have access to international resources and expertise, giving you a competitive edge.
  4. Tribhuvan University-affiliated Programs:
    • Bachelor of Food Technology (B. Tech Food): Padmashree College, recognized for our pioneering contributions to research and innovation in food science and technology. Our B. Tech Food program is a testament to our commitment to this field.
    • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA): For students passionate about the world of computing, their BCA program, affiliated with Tribhuvan University, is designed to foster the development of IT professionals of the future.


5. The British College (TBC ):

The British College (TBC) is a nationally recognized education provider for Nepalese students seeking internationally recognized diplomas from U.K. universities. It was founded in 2012 A.D. and is centrally positioned in Thapathali, Kathmandu’s Trade Tower Business Center. It provides international courses relevant to the present job market and aims to improve each student’s employability in line with market demands. As the best IT college in the Kathmandu Valley, the College excels in quality by taking a unique and pioneering approach to learning. The British College also offers Nepal’s most significant global training, thanks to articulate coaches and management instructors from the U.K. and Nepal.

Programs Overview of BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics:

Bachelor’s degree in Science (Hons.) The British College’s Cyber Security and Digital Forensics program is a four-year semester-based UWE program. This curriculum teaches students how to deal with cyber dangers and establish digital evidence in the case of a hacker. In addition, it develops cyber security professionals, both skilled and accountable, in the public and private sectors.

 Programs Overview of A Level:

The British Model College (BMC), The British College’s sibling organization, offers outstanding Cambridge Assessment International Education A-Level programs. The College was established in 2013 and is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Nepal (Centre Number NP 744) and Cambridge Assessment International Education (Centre Number NP 744). This College’s subject combinations equip students for several careers, including engineering and medical schools, higher education in the liberal arts or pure science, or other ICT, accounting, or management studies. In addition, the College awards a small number of scholarships to deserving but financially disadvantaged students.

Programs Overview of ACCA Programme:

The British Professional College, run by the British College in Kathmandu, offers the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) curriculum. The ACCA is also the world’s largest accountancy body. This global program is suitable for accounting, management, or finance students. 

Programs Overview of BBA (Hons) Business and Management:

The BBA (Hons) Business and Management degree is a four-year course offered by UWE that includes a foundation year before students begin their three-year undergraduate program. It is multidisciplinary and can lead to various employment opportunities in both the private and governmental sectors. The design of the modules is to provide students with a strong business foundation.

Programs Overview of BSc (Hons) Hospitality Business Management (BHM):

The British College offers a Bachelor of Science Honors Hospitality Business Management degree that provides information and abilities in hospitality management. The College provides a secure learning atmosphere where students can try out new ideas. 

Programs Overview of Programs overview of BSc (Hons) Computing:

The B.Sc (Hons) Computing degree is offered in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom. Computer programming, database development, networking, website creation, systems modelling, and computer security are all covered in this course. Students who complete this course will earn in-demand abilities in these industries and will have the opportunity to work on real-world projects in their chosen specialty area. In Nepal, this course is comparable to BSc CSIT and BIT.

Programs Overview of MBA (Executive):

The British College’s MBA (Executive) program is a professional career development program to produce skilled business executives. It is necessary to have at least two years of job experience. Leeds Beckett University U.K. offers this degree, which helps polish and hones executive-level skills and strategic thinking for intelligent decision-making. It also elicits leadership skills and employs leadership approaches to attain long-term goals and propel business companies forward.

Programs Overview of MSc International Business Management:

The MSc International Business Management program collaborates with the University of the West of England in the United Kingdom. It focuses on students who have a bachelor’s degree and desire to progress to a management position in a company and government and international organizations. The program’s primary goals are to provide students with a deeper understanding of concepts and current/pervasive issues in international business and improve their analytical and research skills to make informed and creative contributions to business and management practice.

Programs Overview of MSc Information and Technology:

The MSc in Information and Technology combines current technical and business components of information technology. TBC manages it in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom. The increased demand for qualified and trained Human Resources with I.T. knowledge in both the corporate and public sectors is addressed by this curriculum. This academic program addresses the existing digital skills gap by delivering the necessary skillsets for success in the I.T. business. The College follows an adjustable learning model that allows students to tailor their education to match professional and personal goals.

Programs Overview of MBA Graduate:

The British College in Kathmandu offers a career-oriented MBA program in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom. The program’s primary goal is to educate students with postgraduate-level information, understanding, and abilities. They also prepare them for careers in business and management. In addition, students will have the opportunity to enhance their management and leadership approaches throughout the program. It also allows them to think more strategically in uncertain corporate contexts.


6. NIST College:

 NIST College was established in 2012 A.D. (2068 B.S.) to expand NIST National School of Sciences, Kathmandu. This NIST Institution has worked its way from a humble beginning with very few students and teaching staff to become a premier academic institution. Due to its consistent prominence on quality education. This College is located in a serene and secluded area on the side of Nala Road, Nayabasti, in the north of Banepa, Kavrepalanchok District, Bagmati Province of Nepal. It offers a four-year Bachelor’s Degree program in BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT), Bachelor of Science (General) (BSc), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), as well as Bachelor of Information Management (BIM). NIST college’s originality and practical management system. It is regarded as the best IT college in the Kathmandu Valley. 

Programs Overview of B.Sc. Computer Science and Information technology:

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc.CSIT) is one of the demanding and trending courses. The B.Sc.CSIT program provides the students with adequate knowledge practically and theoretically. The course runs for four-year. The system combines the study of software and hardware and information and communication technologies and gives the students the required skills.

Programs Overview of B.Tech. Food Technology:

A bachelor’s degree in food technology (B.Tech) is a four-year program. The course’s primary goal is to equip students with the skills they’ll need to handle and scientifically process food. Both locally and internationally, there is a demand. Applied research, plant and food process management, packaging, quality control, and product evaluation are all options for graduates.

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