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Are you looking for online job in Nepal? The outbreak of COVID-19 has opened up many pathways for online jobs. People are getting knowledge that work can be done online too in Nepal. Though online jobs were present in past too, the importance and flexible space have been given after the pandemic and Lockdown 2020. In this article, we have collected some flexible online jobs in Nepal. You can do any job according to your interests and knowledge. All online jobs don’t require specialization in particular fields.

  • YouTube

YouTube is the most useful tool after Google. We can find any topics that we want. The best part is YouTube pays for your creativity and hard work. For this, your account must have 1K subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the past year. In Nepal, YouTube earning is legal. Many people are earning on YouTube already. Now, your time has come. Learn and follow all the rules set by YouTube before posting any videos or short videos.


  1. A video camera is not required to become YouTuber. You can start with your mobile phone without any investment.
  2. There is no time frame. It’s up to you whether you want to uploads videos or not. Simply, the time is yours. But, regular post can increase your subscribers and makes sure your subscribers are not running from the track.



  1. A copyright problem is the main problem of YouTube.
  2. Many people can’t continue their regular content.

  • Online business

Online business is a great platform. You can start your online business. The scope of online business in Nepal is increasing day by day. Online websites can be made with the help of some web designer which doesn’t cost more. It requires proper planning. Know all the legal procedures for opening an online business. Online business is at its peak point in the year 2022 in Nepal.


  1. Sell the products by staying at your office.
  2. Reach to the global and ideal customer.
  3. Online business reduces the cost of staff and rent. One can start their business on their own. 


  1. Internet connection and familiarity with technology.
  2. The target audience should know about online shopping and ordering.
  3. The market is very competitive. The same products are sold by several online businesses and local shops. You may get less number of customers. You need to maintain a competitive level among the competitors.

  • Writer

The profession of the writer is very respectable. What the writer writes, the writer directs the people and society. Media and business houses require writers for presenting their stories to their customers. The types of writers are Content writers, Copywriters, News writers, etc.


  1. There is a good income from writing. They pay for your every word. Every word possesses few amounts.
  2. The writing brings positivity to your society. In one sense, you are a social influencer.


  1. Offers may come to you for physical work rather than remote jobs.
  2. It may be time-consuming to research and write when you are at the beginning of the journey.
  3. Creating engaging Content is quite difficult.

  • Freelancer/ Freelancing jobs

The word freelancer is so common. A school-going child can define a freelancer. In the country like India and other countries, some school-going children work as a freelancer. There are many works which you can do as a freelancer. Some examples of freelancers are

  1. Copywriter
  2. Content writer
  3. Translator
  4. UI/UX designer
  5. Graphic designer
  6. Voice artist
  7. Data entry


Those works which are done physically can be done through freelancing jobs. The two main platforms for getting freelancing jobs are Upwork and Fiverr.

  • Upwork- online job in Nepal

Many jobs are posted in Upwork in a day. You submit your cover letter and sample of works to get a job. If the clients like your sample; they will hire you for a job. You can get good rewards for your work.

Advantage- The money transactions are easy and legal.

Disadvantage- The competition is tough. So, it is difficult to get a job.

  • Fiverr- online job in Nepal

Fiver and Upwork are the best international freelancing platforms. They are trustable. Unlike Upwork, where you create a project describing your service. They will hire you based on your talents and skills.

  • Transcriber

A transcriber is a person who transcribes in a text format what other people or audio is saying. You can do this job after passing some sample work. The work is not hard. You can try as a transcriber. The role of the transcriber is currently available at TransCripts and Appen in the Nepali language. It is available on Upwork and Fiver. You can search in Google for the job of Transcriber.


  • An online Customer service representative

A customer service representative is quite similar to a front desk receptionist. CS represent the company and sell services. Customer representatives work as an ambassador to the company or institutes & they receive calls. They make calls to the clients. They make a routine of dispatch to the customers in an online business site. Anyone can become a customer service representative with good oral and written Nepali and English language.

  • Online teacher


 The concept of Online teaching as a part of an online job is new in Nepal. It became popular after the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in 2019. Different institutes are teaching online classes. Almost all subjects of all classes are taught online. Many vacancies are available on the Internet for Online teaching staff. Apply for those if you see them in your Facebook job or any other medium. 

Conclusion on Online Job in Nepal

To sum up, there are many micro and macro level online jobs available at the International level. Nepal is a developing country. We don’t have an international payment system till 2022. So, doing an online job on a random platform is not recommended. This may create problems in the future while transactions. Be careful with fraud clients. Online job is easy because they are flexible and you can do it from any corner of the world. Consistency is the key point while doing an online job.


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