Jobs in Nepal | How to find Job vacancy in Nepal 2022

Have you passed your final year exam? I am sure you want to grab the job. Many of us are looking for a new and better job. The phenomenon of looking for better jobs continues among the entire working group. It is important to collect the basic information before going to work in reality. Lots of people are asking questions on Google related to different jobs in Nepal. Thus, we have prepared the following questions which are frequently asked on the Internet. Have a look at the job-related queries in Nepal.

How can you get a job in Nepal?

Getting the right job is very hard. Don’t worry. There is a famous saying in Nepal. If we wish or search for god from the bottom of our hearts, we will find them. Then finding a job is not complex. Do the following steps to find a job in Nepal. These are the easiest methods to find a jobs in Nepal.


We use Facebook daily. Let’s take advantage of it. Turn on notifications for facebook jobs. Additionally, follow some groups that post regular job vacancies. Use keywords like Jobs in Nepal, Online jobs in Nepal, etc to find the jobs on Facebook. Kpadhne is among the which, where both educational updates along with job updates are shared.


Linked in

Linked in is the best option for finding jobs. Turn job notifications according to your specialization and area of work. It sends an email announcing job alerts. It makes finding jobs easier. Many Nepali companies post job vacancies on Linked In. It looks a bit professional.


Freelancing jobs

Upwork and Fiverr are the two suitable freelancing platforms for Nepal-based freelancers. They can find jobs in Upwork and Fiverr. Many Nepali freelancers are earning a minimum of 10K per month. For students, the platform is great. Try it once.



Paper newspaper is the oldest form of announcing vacancy. Though digital marketing is in the trend, we can still find jobs posted in the newspaper. You can use this method too.


The following are the most important things for finding jobs are

  1. CV/ Resume
  2. Cover letter
  3. Endorsement letter


Which jobs are most demanding or most common jobs in Nepal?

Nepal is a developing country. There are no big industries in our country like other developed countries. Let’s hope we will have big plants in a few years. Anyway, we have jobs according to the demand of the human resources needed for the nation. All kinds of human manpower are equally important to the nation for running the overall life activities of people. The most demanding jobs in Nepal are listed below.

  1. Doctor
  2. Nurse
  3. Microbiologist
  4. Civil engineer
  5. CA
  6. Pharmacist
  7. Dentist
  8. Customer service representative
  9. Lawyer


All the aforementioned jobs are physical. The jobs which are top demands in Nepal in an online medium are listed below.

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Graphic designer
  3. UI/UX designer
  4. Content writer, Copywriter
  5. Voice artist


Look for other flexible online jobs in Nepal. Most of the physical jobs can be done online. Find your link here if you want to know about online jobs in Nepal.


How can a person get a government job in Nepal?

When we think about government jobs, our minds remember the ‘Lok Sewa’ exam. In English, it is termed as ‘Public Service Commission’. It is the only way to get recruitment in various governmental posts. The public service commission conducts regular exams for the post of civil services. Follow the Public Service Commission to get an update about exams and vacancies. 


Which job is best in Nepal?

All the jobs are best if the right person is working the right job. Otherwise, fewer people can find the particular job enjoyable. They get bored more quickly than their scheduled routine. Hence, they can’t perform well. Boss scolds them. They blame the job as a wrong thing or the worst part. Find out your job according to your interest. If you are interested then the job will be automatically best. We have noted some jobs which are categorized into the best jobs in Nepal are listed below.

  1. Marketing
  2. Health workers
  3. Engineers
  4. Bank officers
  5. Teaching
  6. IT
  7. Lawyer


What is the highest salary in Nepal?

The highest salary in Nepal is Rs. 55,000 to 16, 00,000. This salary is based on every month. It can vary from person to person. The salary may exceed 10,00,000.


What is the basic salary in Nepal?

The basic or average salary of Nepal per month is Rs.15, 000. But, this value may differ from person to person. Some people may have just a 10K salary per month.

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