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We will learn how to check the ipo result in this complete post. The process of issuing shares of a private company to the general public in a fresh stock issue is known as an initial public offering (IPO). A stock that is sold to the general public is known as an “initial public offering” (IPO). When a privately held company puts its shares on a stock exchange and makes them available for purchase by the general public, this is known as an “initial public offering” (IPO).

IPO Result | How to check ipo result from mero share | IPO result from Capital

A private firm seeking an IPO must not only prepare for an increase in public scrutiny but also file a mountain of paperwork and financial reports that regulate public corporations. That’s why a private company planning to go public engages an underwriter, usually an investment bank, to advise them on the IPO and assist them in setting an initial price. Underwriters help management prepare for an IPO by creating crucial investor documents and holding roadshows with potential investors.

In Nepal, IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) are announced on a regular basis. IPOs allow us to invest in a firm for the first time and purchase its shares. It allows us to purchase shares at a discounted price of Rs. 100 before they are officially listed on Nepal’s only stock exchange (NEPSE).

To get complete information about the IPO result allotment process, the following will guide you properly.

What is Mero Share?

Mero Share is a CDSC (Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd.) online platform that gives information on share transactions and their Demat account. You must use their website or mobile app to access the CDSC Mero share portal. Mero shares now have a mobile app, thanks to CDSC.

How can I sign up for a Mero Share account?

You must take the following actions to open a Mero share account:

  • To open a mero share account, you must pay a particular fee.
  • The beneficiary number for your Demat account will be supplied to you after that.
  • You will receive an email confirming the creation of your mero share account.
  • Your mero share DP ID, login ID, and password are all included in the email.

How do I apply for a share/allotment using Mero Share?

To apply for a Mero Share Share IPO/FPO/right share, go to the My ASBA tab and select “current issue” from the drop-down menu. Then you can apply the share names you choose. You must enter the number of shares in accordance with the specified limit. Select the bank account (demat account) as well as the CRN number.

After that, you must enter the 4-digit Transaction PIN code that you previously specified. Previously, you had to enter an OTP (one-timepassword), but this has been replaced by a Transaction PIN code for increased security. To confirm the application for the share through the Mero Share account, enter the PIN number.

In Nepal, there are two ways to apply for an IPO.

  • Mero Share applications and websites
  • Submit the form to the bank in person.

When is the IPO result allotted? IPO Result: Allotment Status:

The allotment process usually takes 6 to 7 days after an IPO’s bid closure. It’s easier to apply for shares online from your home now that CDS and Clearing have developed the C-ASBA (Centralized Application for ASBA-based Issuance) system. C-ASBA is now required for all IPOs (initial public offerings), FPOs, and rights/bonus share applications. In addition to applying, you can check/view the IPO result in your Mero share login accounts. The successful names will be listed on the CDSC MeroShare iporesult.cdsc.com.np allocation website, which may be searched in three different ways:

  • BOID number
  • Demat Number
  • Date of Birth
  • CRN Number

The most searched term in Nepal when a new IPO is opened and issued is “IPO Result.” iporesult.cdsc.com.np is the official CDSC, Mero Share website for checking IPO & FPO, or IPO Results, allotment results. You can examine the IPO results of any company that has issued an IPO at iporesult.cdsc.com.np, the official CDSC website, as well as from the capital issuer. In this article, we will learn how to check IPO results.

In an initial public offering, Iporesult.cdsc.com.np offers information on the number of shares given to the investor. The registrant, meroshare.cdsc.com.np, is in charge of the IPO allotment process. CDSC and Clearing Limited are both owned by Mero. Mero Share is a CDSC (Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd.) online platform that gives information on share transactions and their Demat accounts. You must study our article until the conclusion to gain all the information about IPO Result Allotment.

How to Check IPO Results in Nepal?

Are you looking for the status of any Nepalese companies’ initial public offerings (IPOs)? This article will teach you how to verify the IPO results of Nepali corporations. Before diving into the details, be sure you know what IPO result you’re hoping for. Is that your IPO result, which you applied for, or the total number of shares allotted to the public by a company?

If you wish to know the total number of unit shares allotted by a corporation, we’ll keep you updated on this website. The outcome will also be available on the company’s official website and social media accounts.

However, if you want to know if you are allotted to the company’s applied shares or not, you can do so as guided below. Following the instructions below, you can see the IPO result right after the draw.

  1. Mero share is the first and best option to verify your IPO results:

If you already have a meroshare account, you can check your IPO result by following the steps below.

Steps involved in checking the IPO result:

  • Open this link in your browser: https://meroshare.cdsc.com.np
  • Enter the username and password for your depository participants.
  • Now, from the left-hand menu, select “My ASBA.”
  • Go to the top of the page of the mero share website or mobile account and select “Application Report.”
  • Click on the “View Result” button.
  • Here you will find all the company’s IPOs you have applied for. To check the status of your IPO result, go to Report.

If you don’t have a meroshare account but you have your BOID, then you can check your IPO allotment result at this link: https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/. To check your IPO result, open the link, choose the IPO company, and input your 16-digit BOID number. This will show whether you are allotted shares or not.

  1. The second option is to contact your banking institution and inquire about your IPO results:

While discussing the second method of checking your IPO result, if you don’t already have a meroshare account, you should contact your banking institution to inquire about the IPO result for your application.

  1. The official website of the IPO Company:

The best alternative to our first option is the third way to check your IPO result. It’s because it’s quick and simple to check your IPO results online. If you have your DEMAT account number or BOID code, you can use them to check the allotted shares on the IPO releasing company’s official website. And you should be able to see your IPO result now.

  • Go to the IPO Issue Manager Site.
  • Login to the IPO result page.
  • Enter your Demat Account Number
  • Press the search result button.
  • Is your IPO allotted or not?
  1. CDSC IPO result:

This (https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/) is the official CDSC, Mero Share website to check the allotment results of the IPO allotment or IPO Results.

  • Visit the CDSC IPO result site, (https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/)
  • Select the company name where you have applied for an IPO.
  • Enter your BOID number, which is 16 digits long (Demat Account Number).
  • Click the “view result” button to view your IPO result.
  • Check the result for allotted or not below the see button.
  • Finally, you can view your IPO result.
  1. How can I check Prabhu Capital’s IPO results?

This is an alternative to iporesult.cdsc.com.np for checking IPO results. In this case, we’ll look at the company name. Prabhu Capital is the capital or bank in charge of the IPO’s affairs. Here’s how to verify the status of your allocation on the capital website. The IPO’s affairs are also being managed by Prabhu Capital. Go to www.prabhucapital.com/share-allotment or click the link. Choose the respective companies you have filled out the IPO for, and enter the 16-digit BOID number from the list. On your keyboard or mobile device, press the enter key. Now you will be able to find your IPO result and whether your allotment has been allotted or not.

At last, these are the methods that anyone can utilize to check their company’s IPO result in Nepal. We hope that this article has answered your question about how to verify your IPO result from the comfort of your own home. Almost all the capitals or issue manager have same pattern to show IPO Result of respective company in Nepal.

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