Best IT Training Institutes in Kathmandu

There are several training institutes in Kathmandu that offer IT courses. We have gathered some of the best IT training institutes in the Kathmandu Valley. With technological advancements and a significant increase in the number of individuals engaging in the virtual world for various reasons, the information technology world is growing faster than other service sectors.

As a result of this growth, the market for IT specialists is constantly increasing, and the number of young individuals interested in pursuing a career in IT is also growing. The usefulness of these training institutes determines by your level of interest and how well you practice in real life. The following are some of the best training institutes in the Kathmandu Valley.

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  1. Broadway Infosys Nepal

Broadway Infosys Nepal, located in Shriganesh-Marg, Subidhanagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu, is one of the best IT training institutes in Kathmandu. It is one of Kathmandu’s oldest and most respected training institutes. It also gives daily career-oriented training to hundreds of students. Established in 2008, the Broadway Infosys Nepal professional IT training and development center employs experts in this field to impart professional education. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified IT training institute. It not only offers career-oriented IT training in Nepal as per industry needs but also assists in successful job placements for deserving students and professionals.

Best IT Training Institutes in Kathmandu

The courses offered by Broadway Infosys Nepal are

IT Training for SEE Students

PHP Training

Dot Net Training

Android Training

IOS Training


Python Training

Database Training

Java Training

Mean Stack Training

Web Designing Training


QA training

Digital Marketing training

Civil Engineering Training

C/C++ training

Graphics Designing Training

Accounting package training

Linux Training

Web Development Training

Soft skill Training

MS Project

SPSS Training

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  1. Leapfrog Academy

Yet another best IT training institute in Kathmandu, Leapfrog Academy, is a subsidiary of LeapFrog Technologies, a software company that works for US-based clients. The LeapFrog Academy is located in Dillibazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal, easily accessible to most students in the valley. Thanks to its proper architecture and highly qualified teachers, the academy has successful students who have acquired careers in high-paying positions within the organization or outside.

The courses offered by Broadway Infosys Nepal are

Foundation Core Java and Web Basics

Intermediate Python

WordPress Development

Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Data Science with Python

Advanced Java


Android App Development

Front End Development

PHP and JS

MEAN Stack Development

Advanced Spreadsheet and Data Presentation

  1. Neosphere

Neosphere is another well-built name among the best IT Training Institutes in Kathmandu Valley. Although it is a young IT training college serving the market since 2017, it offers industry-standard IT training and timely IT courses. There are four types of programs provided by Neosphere in Kathmandu. Code, Create, Connect, and Computer is the four creative aspects of the Neosphere. This institute sets the standard for knowledge with world-class IT training and certifications. In addition, students receive training at Neosphere to prepare them for professions in the technological industry.

Best IT Training Institutes in Kathmandu

The courses offered in Neosphere are

Foundation course for Programming, Web design, and database

Machine Learning with Python


Java programming

Python with Django

Android Application Programming

Multimedia and Design

Diploma in Software Engineering

PHP and Laravel

.NET programming

iOS Application Development

Database Administration

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  1. IT Training Nepal Pvt Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2010, IT Training Nepal has maintained its individuality in brand and service, making it one of the best IT training institutes in Kathamndu. It is located in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal. With paid internships and job placement opportunities, IT Training Nepal has established itself as one of Kathmandu’s top ten IT training colleges. The training center helps students put their abilities to work to find employment. The learning method begins with career counseling and coaching, followed by student training and evaluation through project work.

Best IT Training Institutes in Kathmandu

The courses offered in IT Training Nepal Pvt Ltd are

PHP Training

Web Designing Training

Code Igniter Training

Web Development Courses

SEO Training

Ajax and XML Training

Java Training

NET Training

Oracle Training

MYSQL Training

Networking and Hardware Training

Android Training

SPSS Training

YII Training

Laravel Training

JSP/ Servlet Training

Cisco Training

Web Engineering

Graphics Designing Courses

MS Access Training

Advanced PHP Training

Computer Basics Training

Advanced Joomla Training

C++ Training

Python Training

Accounting Training

OCP Certification Training

Spring MVC Framework Training

It Supports Officer Training

Advanced WordPress Training

Microsoft Office Training

OOP PHP Course

Excel Training

Multimedia and Animation

DBMS Training

Internet Network Training

AutoCAD Training

E-commerce Training

Content Management System Training

Corporate It Training

Magento Training

Drupal Training

Photoshop Training

RHCE Certification Training

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  1. Cambridge Infotech Baneshwor

Located in Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Cambridge Infotech provides outstanding I.T. training at a reasonable cost. It is a reputed organization in information technology in Nepal. It was established in 2011 A.D. to provide quality training services to its students. These institutes have been serving to build student’s dynamic careers and potential abilities by giving quality services. So don’t be late to grab this golden opportunity for your bright future with a quality education.

The courses offered by Cambridge Infotech are

Package in SEE

Photoshop Training

Nepali, English Typing Training

Diploma in Computer

Advanced Office Package Training

Advanced Photoshop training

Web Designing Training

C and C ++ training

C Programming

Net with C# training

PHP and MySQL training

Web Development Training

Advanced Office Package


Web Designing

Advanced Graphic Design

Core Java

Hardware and Networking

Advance Java Training

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  1. Stosh Java

With the demand for Java developers growing by the day, the Stosh Java Institute has capitalized on this fact by establishing a firm dedicated to offering IT training in the Java language. This professional Java training school is a refuge for Java language fans who wish to make a career. Training in Java and its framework is available through the company. It is located in Koupondole, Lalitpur.

The courses offered in Stosh Java are

Professional Java

Core Java

Java 8

Java Web Development – Servlets and JSP




Design Pattern

Java FX

Google App Engine

MySQL training

Java Server Faces (JSF)

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  1. Neproid Academy

Neproid Academy is located in Subidhanagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu. It is one of Kathmandu’s best IT training institutes. This institute’s unique blend of experimental and research programs focuses on informing applicants about various components of the training package and putting them into practice in a real-world setting. The facility has become incredibly popular among emerging IT lovers because of its short and well-presented information, qualified lecturers, and cool environment.

The courses offered in Neproid Academy are

C/C++ training

AutoCAD Training

.NET training

PHP and MY SQL Training

Core Java Training

Advanced Java Training

Graphics Designing

Hybrid App development

WordPress Theme Development

Web Designing (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript)

iOS training

Angular JS training

Mean Stack Development Training

  1. Aptech Computer Education

Aptech Computer Education is in Siddhi Bhawan, Kantipath. It is another institution that has lasted a long time and has provided training to students for many years. It opened its doors in 1995 and has been providing computer courses using interactive teaching methods ever since. Since its foundation, it has been on a mission to provide professional skill development education and training to its valued clients of all ages, individuals, companies, and communities. Its main goals have always been to provide high-quality education and train qualified people to develop Nepal’s education, business, and service sectors.

The courses offered by Aptech Computer Education are

Web Designing Training

Web Designing Pro


Advanced Programming

Advanced Programming with RDBMS

Hardware and Networking

ST Courses

Graphics Designing

Video Editing and Videography training

3D Animation – 3D Max training

3D Animation – Maya Training

Java Training

Web Development Training (PHP/ASP/JSP)

.Net Programming

  1. Javanet

Javanet is located in Kumaripati, Kathmandu. It is another institute that has understood that career opportunities are readily available in the field of Java these days. They, therefore, focus on several Java-related frameworks, providing training on these domains individually.

The courses offered by Aptech Computer Education are

Professional Java

Core Java

Java 8

Java Web Development – Servlets and JSP




Design Pattern

Java FX

Google App Engine

MySQL training

Java Server Faces (JSF)

  1. Tech Axis

The Tech Axis is located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur. Another top IT training institute in the Kathmandu Valley, Tech Axis, is progressively gaining traction in Nepal’s fast-paced IT-driven sector. Also, they offer job-oriented training to help IT and non-IT students flourish in their chosen sectors. Furthermore, they were founded in 2017 by a group of IT professionals and specialists.

The courses offered by Tech Axis are

IOS Application Development Training

Web Application Development with Laravel Training

Networking Training

Android Application Development

Node JS Framework

Python Programming

WordPress training

JavaScript Training

PHP training

HTML 5 Training

React JS Framework Training

Java Programming training

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