Best Montessori Schools / Preschools in Kathmandu Nepal

We’re back! This time with a list of Best Montessori Schools/Preschools in Kathmandu Nepal.

We’d also listed some of the Best Montessori Schools/Preschools in Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal, so be sure to click the link, if you reside in the Chitwan district or more specifically in Bharatpur, Chitwan, and are searching for a Montessori school or preschool there.

Now, without any further ado let’s get you warmed up and take you directly to the list.

What is a Montessori School or a Preschool?

The term ‘Montessori’ refers to the educational methodology developed by Maria Montessori. Montessori education is child-centered and is designed to scientifically observe a child from its birth to adulthood. It’s been in practice for over 100 years in different parts of the world.

Under the Montessori methodology of education, a child is treated as a knowledge seeker who can learn in a supportive environment. Therefore, it targets to strengthen the physical, mental, emotional, social as well as cognitive aspects of a child.

Montessori schools / pre-schools emphasize a child’s independence; skills build-up; and freedom, all under well-defined limits. A typical Montessori school / pre-school comprises multi-age classrooms, Montessori learning equipment, and independent works.

More about Montessori Education

A parent is the first teacher to a child. And a child needs proper care, supervision, and a learning environment. Thus raising a child is definitely tedious. Parents need to be there all the time with their children to look after them. But at the same time, they need to work in order to fulfill their children’s demands and thus don’t get enough time with their children.

So this context requires a place where children can learn new things, and get good support; care, and service. And, the Montessori education system is designed to treat, teach, and support children scientifically and thus proves to be a perfect fit for the above context.

In Nepal, Montessori education is widely practiced, with a number of Montessori schools/preschools in operation. Here we provide you the list of the best Montessori schools/preschools in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal.

Best Montessori Schools/Preschools in Kathmandu Nepal

Table: Montessori schools/preschools in Kathmandu, Nepal. Click on the name to see more information.

Name of the Montessori School/Preschool Address Contact Number
Wonder Years Montessori and Activity Center Lamtangin Marg, Baluwatar, Kathmandu 014415824, 9866494838
Heartland Preschool, A Montessori Based Pre-School, and Day Care Center Ganesh Marg, Shankhamul, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-5242272
Butterfly Play School Old Baneshwor, Bhimsengola, Kathmandu 01-2299512, 9802053360
Gurukul National Pre-School Banshidhar Marg, Bishalnagar, Kathmandu 016201033, 9808254833
Pure Love Nursery Haadigaun (Way to Kalopul Oralo), Kathmandu, Nepal 014431692, 9841046508
Kids Campus Montessori Based Pre-School Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu 01-5524329
Baby Flower Montessori Sinamangal-9, Kathmandu 01-4110851
Magic Star Pre-primary & Day Center Jayabageswori-8, Tamreshwor, Siphal, Kathmandu 01-4483168, 9861872299
Sano Sansar Day Care and Pre-Primary International School Bijaya Chowk, Bhimsengola, Kathmandu 01-4110046, 9841243153
Bodhi Batika International Montessori Pre-School Venkatesh Marg, House no.9, Gaushala, Battisputali, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4468212, 01-4495230, 9841522507
King’s Town Montessori School Janajagriti Marg, Banasthali, Kathmandu 01-5139224, 9841035015, 9849812021
Angel’s Home Academy Sitapaila-1, Khoupatole, Kathmandu 01-4276675

1.    Wonder Year Montessori and Activity Center

Wonder Years Montessori School and Activity Centre are located in Baluwatar-4, Kathmandu, Bagmati Province No.3, Nepal as a private-owned pre-school. The objective of this preschool is to provide quality learning for children and improve their strength physically and mentally so that it can help them before they enter the primary level. The teachers and trainees provide appropriate reading and writing. In addition, this preschool offers extracurricular activities to inspire and nourish each child’s physical and mental growth.

best montessori in nepal

best montessori in nepal

Play-way or Montessori method of teaching:

  •  Fully ventilated and well-lighted classrooms
  •  Interactive teaching techniques
  •  Computer education
  • Educational toys, Blocks
  • Playing with toys, Swings, Tricycles
  • A cheerful and friendly ambiance
  • Classrooms and furniture in vibrant and vivid colors
  • Trained staff

Best montessori in nepal

Best Montessori in nepal

  • Carefully planned and structured environment in which the child learns in a natural way.
  • Planned Group activities every day like reading, painting,story-telling, etc.
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Meals Provided
  • School Collection Service
  • Parking
  • CCTV
  • Stage with microphone facility.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Healthy and hygienic meals.
  • Transport facility.
  • Extra care for children from 3: 30 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Targeting working parents

2.    Heartland Preschool, A Montessori Based Pre-School, and Day Care Center

Heartland Preschool, A Montessori Based Pre-School and Day Care Center is an early childhood center built on a beautifully maintained lawn and gardens with a spacious and secured compound located at a peaceful, serene environment and friendly area of Baneshowor, Shankhamul, Ganesh Marg at a minute walking distance from Shankhamul Chowk. It is one of the best Montessori schools/preschools in the Kathmandu Valley.

The school area is free from all hustle and bustle of the city life and safe from the traffic hazard. Heartland Preschool provides a safe, happy, and stimulating learning experience for the tender kids. The classrooms are fully equipped with Montessori educational materials.

It is the school with an outstanding Montessori curriculum and programs, making it one of the best places to look out for when it comes to the best Montessori/preschool in Kathmandu valley.

3.    Butterfly Play School

Located at Old Baneshwor, Bhimsengola, Kathmandu, Butterfly Play School is a privately owned Montessori-based preschool with a commitment to providing a high-quality service where children are nurtured in a beautiful home-like setting.

Butterfly Play School combines the comfort of home with a preschool classroom learning environment. The center provides a non-stressful and encouraging atmosphere using developmentally appropriate materials, music, activities, and structured games according to their attention span. It is one of the best Montessori schools/preschools in the Kathmandu Valley.

Children at Butterfly learn through their own curiosity and sense of wonder. All the teachers and caretakers are committed to the ongoing professional development and progression of early childhood to provide the highest quality program.

4.    Gurukul National Pre-School

Gurukul National Pre-School is a progressive early childhood education center located in Bishalnagar, Kathmandu serving children that range from 2.5 to 5.5 years old. The school is designed for children to play, explore, construct, create, and grow in a safe and caring environment.

Gurukul National Pre-School offers six days per week program which is primitively designed to meet each child’s needs through individual attention to their creativity, cognitive, and physical development. Children construct their knowledge through the dynamic process of queries, investigation, and reflection.

The school emphasizes self-learning via empirical experience and self-exploration resulting in children becoming active participants rather than passive recipients.

Thus, we’ve considered this name to be deserving of one of the best Montessori/Preschools, located in Kathmandu Nepal.

5.    Pure Love Nursery

Pure Love Nursery was established in 2010 and is located in Hadigoun (Way to Kalopul Oralo), Kathmandu, Nepal.

With the aim of providing practical and moral knowledge to the child, Pure Love Nursery follows Montessori-based curricula so that children can grow not only physically but mentally, socially and emotionally.

It offers its education services from the playgroup level to UKG.

6.    Kids Campus Montessori Based Pre-School

One of the best Montessori schools in Kathmandu valley, Kids Campus Montessori Based Pre-School is located at Gyaneshwor. It was established with the aim of providing practical and moral knowledge to the child so that they can grow not only physically but mentally, socially, and emotionally. This pre-school follows the play way method of teaching which is Montessori based.

This Montessori has successfully established its branch offices in Kupondole, Ratopul, and Chabahil areas.

7.    Baby Flower Montessori

Baby Flower Montessori was established in 2015 A.D. and is located at Sinamangal-9, Kathmandu. The Montessori teaches students from playgroup to U.K.G. level.

8.    Magic Star Pre-primary & Day Center

Magic Star Pre – Primary & Day Center is a reputed Montessori preschool in Siphal, Kathmandu with a multitude of highly talented teachers and highly facilitated classrooms.

It is located in a peaceful environment at Tamrashwor Mahadev, Jayabageshwori, Kathmandu. With a motive of providing quality education, Magic Star Pre-Primary & Day Center has been successful in helping children to gain every aptitude necessary to grow and nourish their abilities and talents. It is one of the best Montessori schools/preschools in the Kathmandu Valley.

9.    Sano Sansar Day Care and Pre-Primary International School

Children are the Future. So, it is wise to make a careful decision in the investment for their education and career. With the motto, “Growing Children in a Playing and Learning Environment”, Sano Sansar Day Care and Pre-Primary International School, was established in 2013 AD and is situated at Bhimsengola, Bijaya Chowk, Prayag Marg, Kathmandu.

Sano Sansar focuses on the potential of growing children by providing ways of learning through various play methods. It believes that every child is unique and they need a loving and stimulating environment to develop their full potential.

10.  Bodhi Batika International Montessori Pre-School

Bodhi Batika International Montessori Pre-School is a Montessori-based preschool located in Battisputali, Gaushala, Kathmandu that believes in blooming from the root.

The Montessori Pre-School promises of providing a sound environment to the children and a dynamic way of teaching and learning methodology which has always been in practice, since its establishment in the year 2013.

The program offered by Bodhi Batika International Montessori Pre-School is designed to provide an opportunity for your child to develop and grow in many areas through the “Play way method of Learning”.

The school helps and guides your precious child to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and psychologically in their most formative years. Also, Bodhi Batika is dedicated to providing a stimulative, supportive, motivative, and caring environment to help children nurture and develop their outer as well as inner (hidden) skills.

11.    King’s Town Montessori School

King’s Town Montessori School is a dream project of a group of scholars who have spent their lives in the education sector. It is located at Janajagriti Marg, Banasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal.

King’s Town Montessori School is established aiming to give quality and competitive education to the children through the child-centered classrooms using Montessori Materials, which could develop their intellectuality, physical structure, and social growth, and make them more creative.

King’s Town Montessori School focuses on each child’s work and helps them to learn at/ her own pace, and according to/ her own capacities in a child-friendly atmosphere. Children work together in the same classroom, stimulating both academic and social growth.

The school believes in and recognizes the potential of the young child and strives to develop the potential of each child through a prepared environment. This allows the students to leave as ambassadors of peace, with fundamental habits, attitudes, and skills which are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.

12.    Angel’s Home Academy

Angel’s Home Academy is located in Sitapaila-1, Khoupatole, Kathmandu, Nepal. Angel’s Home Academy (AHA) is an English medium co-educational institution.


  1.  Affordable Fee Structure
    2.    Classes from Nursery to Five (Based on Montessori Pre School)
    3.    Indoor and Outdoor Play Station
    4.    Child-Centered Teaching Method
    5.    Qualified, Friendly, and trained Teaching Staff
    6.    Homely Environment
    7.    Have all the necessary Facilities
    8.    Transportation Facility
    9.    Variety of extra and Co-curricular activities

So did you find one for your child? We believe that we’ve succeeded in offering you some options for Montessori/preschool in Kathmandu valley. Also, do suggest us names if you think we’ve missed any which deserve to be on the list of best Montessori/preschools in Kathmandu, Nepal. And, we’ll also keep adding more names in the days to come.

Have a good time!

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