Psychology Colleges: Best in Kathmandu Nepal

Psychology Colleges
Psychology Colleges

We’ll talk about psychology colleges in Nepal in this article. As we all know, there are many colleges in the Kathmandu Valley, but we have chosen only a few of the most well-known psychology colleges in the Kathmandu Valley. 

Back in 1947 AD, Trichandra College, Kathmandu launched the Psychology course at the intermediate level for the first time in Nepal.

Then in 1980 AD, Trichandra College again introduced the Psychology course in the Master’s level, which was later shifted to the Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu.

Currently, Trichandra College, Tribhuvan University Central Department of Psychology, and Padma Kanya Campus are offering Master’s level Psychology course. Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Psychology also offers the post-graduate level Psychology course. While Golden Gate International College and few other names have proposed to introduce the course.

Clearly, the number of colleges that have adopted the course can be counted on fingers and also the course that is available is limited to Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology in terms of specializations; the lack of which forces students to go abroad for study.

With very few names, offering the course in Kathmandu, there are not much of the factors to be considered to decide the best ones for the Psychology course. Thus, we’ve put emphasis on the availability of course specializations, levels of course offered, as well as the resources available in each of the colleges.

Best Psychology Colleges in Kathmandu Nepal

College Address Contact
Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Psychology: Central Campus Kirtipur, Kathmandu 01-4332539
Padma Kanya Multiple Campus Bagbazar, Kathmandu 01-4224149 / 4221712
Thames International College Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu 01-4464584

Note: As only women can study at Padma Kanya Campus, Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Psychology is the only option for male students to study graduate and post-graduate level Psychology courses.

As already mentioned above, few colleges have proposed to launch the Psychology courses.

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