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Oscar International College offers a special type of degree called BFS. It is an important degree that is recognized by a big university in Nepal. College makes sure that you learn from the best teachers and have lots of hands-on practice making movies. By the end of the program, you will be ready for a job in the film industry or further studying. This program is not only fun, but it also helps you grow in many ways. Oscar produces so many talents in the Nepali film industry and also some awesome projects.

  • OIC enrolls 88 students from over 500 applications each year
  • OIC students have developed over 150 award-winning projects
  • OIC has 744 alumni who are working in various specializations in the film industry, and their projects have won in national and international festivals.

Principal Message

We are excited to welcome all students who want to learn about making movies at Oscar International College. Our goal is to teach you not just how to make movies, but also how to be a good filmmaker. We want to show you how to use your ideas and be creative when making movies. We believe that the new generation of filmmakers will be able to make great movies and make Nepali cinema better.

During your four years at our school, you will learn a lot of important information and skills. We will teach you how to be creative and use all the right tools to make movies. We want to make sure you are ready for a great future in the movie industry.


Bachelor in Film Studies (BFS)

Oscar International College of Film studies in Nepal

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Oscar International College Directors Quote

We’ve been working hard for many years to teach people about making movies and how to be good filmmakers. A long time ago, people didn’t think making movies was a serious thing to study, but now we are changing that. College wants to show people that making movies is not just for fun, it’s important to learn.

Institutions want to teach you how to make movies that are not just for entertainment, but also have important messages and emotions. We want to use movies to show the beauty of art, culture, and spirituality. Oscar team is starting a four-year journey to learn how to make these kinds of movies. We believe that the new generation of filmmakers will be able to make Nepali movies that are special and unique. We are excited to be a part of this change.

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How to Take admission to Oscar International College?

Here are the simple steps to take admission to Oscar International Colleges in Kathmandu Nepal.

  • Go. to the college website www.oscar.edu.np
  • Click on Admission Form Submission
  • Fill out the form with accurate details
  • Submit Application
  • After Submission, you will get a call and then visit the college with the original documents

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You can also register and get free information from the campus representative without any cost.


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