Nursing Courses In Nepal

Nursing Courses In Nepal: In this article, we will know about the different nursing programs available in Nepal, including PCL and BSc programs. Also, we will learn about the Nepali nursing curriculum, career, and opportunities.  There are two most popular nursing programs in Nepal they are – PCL and BSC nursing. If you meet the requirements for either of these popular nursing programs in Nepal, you can enroll in the nursing sector.  All nursing programs in Nepal are in high demand and are very well-liked. In Nepal, female students who have an interest in medicine typically choose the nursing field.

A study program for a nursing degree in Nepal includes both academic and practical knowledge of things like mental health, human anatomy, and physiology. Nursing is one of the most renowned professions in the world when considering the impact nurses make on the quality of human existence. There are several work options for nursing students both in Nepal and abroad. Many young kids hope to become nurses so they may serve people and have stable jobs.

PCL Nursing in Nepal:

In Nepal, nursing has consistently been one of the top options for female science students who decide to study science following matriculation. According to statistics from recent exams, nursing education is a flourishing field in Nepal, contributing to the growth of the medical profession there and drawing many female students who demonstrate academic excellence.

The Nursing Council Nepal (Nepal Nursing Council) offers a “Registered Nurse” certification exam for graduates of the PCL nursing program. This would create numerous job possibilities in Nepal’s private and public sectors. Many students who wish to study medicine in Nepal are also open to studying nursing there. Both in Nepal and internationally, nursing is a very popular and in-demand field of education. Students can enroll in PCL Nursing right after SLC.

Requirements for TU Affiliate PCL Nursing:

  • Eligibility: A minimum score of 50% on the S.L.C. exam
  • Entrance Exam: On Bhadra
  • Selection Procedure: 100% Entrance Basis
  • The pattern of questions: Science: 45 points; English: 25 points; Math: 10 points; Health: 20 points

Requirements for CTEVT Affiliate PCL Nursing:

  • Qualifications: 45% and higher in the S.L.C.
  • Entry: In the Bhadra month.
  • Selection requisite: 100% Entrance Based
  • The pattern of entrance-level questions: Science: 50; English: 50; Math: 50; Total: 150.

B.Sc. Nursing in Nepal:

The four-year B.Sc. nursing program in Nepal is offered by several colleges connected to Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, and Purbanchal University. Bsc nursing is a more in-depth and specialized nursing degree that provides intermediate-level students with the information, skills, and work readiness necessary to operate effectively, every day, in the healthcare sector.

A certified applicant with a in Nursing is more able to land a middle- or managerial-level job in a university, hospital, or business. Additionally, it demonstrates one’s ineligibility for job openings in Nepali government-run industries. The goal of the Bachelor of Nursing (BN) program is to raise the competency of staff nurses with at least two years of experience. This program gets professional nurses ready for careers in community, hospital, and midwifery nursing.

Eligibility For Nursing:

  • Students must have a +2 or comparable board exam in science (specifically biology) with a 50% overall pass rate or a GPA of 2.4.
  • Students having a diploma or PCL certificate from the Nepal Examination Board may substitute for a plus two.
  • Must obtain good marks in the entrance exam.

Masters in Nursing:

Master in Nursing (MN), is a two-year degree. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, and Pokhara University offer this course.

Ph.D. Nursing:

Students must complete a Master of Nursing with at least a second division or an equivalent grade to enroll in a Ph.D. program. Maharaj Nursing Campus is one of the colleges in Nepal that offers Ph.D. programs in nursing. The Maharajgunj Nursing Campus’s Ph.D. nursing program lasts three years on average.

Scope of Nursing In Nepal:

  • Medicinal centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Old Age Care
  • Hospital and clinics
  • Educational institutions like schools and colleges
  • Teacher/ Educators
  • Disability Care

Some of Nepal’s Top Nursing Colleges:

  1. BP Koirala Institue of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal
    2. Institute of Medicine (IOM), Mahrajgunj, Kathmandu
    3. Kathmandu Medical College, Sinamangal, Kathmandu
    4. Chitwan Medical College, Chitwan
    5. Everest College of Nursing, Lalitpur
    6. Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences, Lalitpur
    7. National Medical College, Birgunj
    8. Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairawa
    9. Lalitpur Medical College, Lalitpur
    10. Biratnagar Nursing Campus, Biratnagar

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