Nayab Subba Syllabus

We will give you the first paper’s curriculum for the Loksewa Aayog Nayab Subba in pdf. You will be given multiple-choice questions from the General Knowledge GK and IQ categories in the Nayab Subba First Paper Exam.

The first paper of the Nayab Subba exam has 50 questions (fifty). Nayab Subba’s first paper exam was taken by Loksewa Aayog and included 20 IQ and 30 General Knowledge questions. The first paper will take 45 minutes. Every single question carries a score of two. First paper Nayab Subba exam pass mark is 40. If you passed the first paper exam for Nayab Subba, only show up for the second and third papers.
If you didn’t pass the first paper exam, you couldn’t take the second or third.


About Nayab Subba Syllabus 2079

The three sections of the Nayab Subba syllabus pdf are separated. The First and third parts are written exams, with the first part being multiple-choice GK and IQ test.
You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the Public Service Commission’s 2078 NASU Syllabus in order to successfully take the Lok Sewa Aayog exam. 
To help students and candidates who are attempting to pass the subba examination, we will share the lok sewa aayog nayab subba syllabus in this article. 
We also hope and believe that the nayab subba 2078 syllabus will assist you in succeeding at the level for which you are preparing. Here is the Structure of the Subba syllabus and marking system.



Full Mark

Pass Mark

Exam Type

No. of Question & Mark


First Paper

General Knowledge & General Mental Ability Test



Objective : (Multiple Choice Question)

50 x 2 Mark


Second Paper

Contemporary Studies & Public Service Management



(short & Long Answers)

14 x 5 Mark
3 x 10 mark

2 Hours 30 minutes

Third Paper

Service-Group related subject



(short & Long Answers )

As Given in the Relevant Textbook

2 Hours 30 minutes


FAQ on Nayabsubba

In Nepal, what is Nayab Subba?

The Public Service Commission chose Nayab Subba to be a Non-Gazetted First Class Permanent Employee of the Government of Nepal ( Lok Sewa Aayog). The Subba handles the majority of the office’s administrative and store-related paperwork.



What is Nayab Subba’s salary in Nepal?

In Nepal, a Nayab Subba (Non-Gazetted First Class) earns a minimum salary of Rs. 30,200 and a maximum salary of Rs. 40,270 with a maximum of 10 grades. Subba also receives a monthly allowance for inflation of 2000 rupees.



What are the requirements for Nayab Subba?

  1. Intermediate Pass from a prestigious Institution is the required educational background to apply for the position of Nayab Subba.
  2. The maximum age for females and physically disabled people is 40 years, while the minimum and maximum ages for Nayab Subba are 18 and 35 years, respectively.

Permanent Nijamati Government Employees have no upper age limit.


Describe the Lok Sewa Aayog exam.

The Lok Sewa Exam is a fair and reliable method of choosing qualified applicants for positions in the civil service, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal Army, and other Central & Province government services when looking over Subba. We also hope and believe that the nayab subba 2079 syllabus will assist you in succeeding at the level for which you are preparing.

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