Shark Tank Nepal, Everything you need to know about the Show

‘Shark Tank Nepal’ is all set to give an impetus to Nepalese entrepreneurs for the first time in Nepal. It is of its kind a reality show based on the American show’s format, “Shark Tank”. Here’s how entrepreneurs on the show will change the game of reality shows in Nepal. 

Shark Tank Nepal
Shark Tank Nepal

 ‘Shark Tank Nepal’ has rolled on the floors and is already successfully creating a lot of buzzes. The show is presented in Nepal via Himalaya TV HD, which has bought its right to start a franchise. The show’s announcement has sparked the sensation of entrepreneurship among the people of Nepal. ‘Shark Tank Nepal‘ has become a topic of discussion among men, women, youth, and kids even before airing. 

The suspense on the official confirmation of the “Sharks” has fueled curiosity in all the budding and established entrepreneurs. The show is ready to ride on the startup wave blooming in each corner of Nepal. This show will expose the small businesses that can’t compete in advertising due to high costs.

Pitch it to make it

The first season of ‘Shark Tank Nepal’ requires a company registration certificate and citizenship documents for aspiring entrepreneurs to participate. The government has recently lifted some taxes on startup ideas, and this show is just right in time to give the push local entrepreneurs need to succeed in their opinions. 

To get all the sharks on board, you need to pitch it right. A flawless pitch describing your innovation that would differentiate itself from the other products available in the market would be enough to get you your dream deal. It is also a time for Nepali women to shine, to prove the business is not just the man’s world.

What to expect from Shark Tank Nepal as an audience

Be ready to join the thrill of business ideas or startups, a breath of fresh air from the traditional reality shows in Nepal. As an audience, this show will help you learn and might even challenge the businessperson inside you. So let’s dive straight into what to expect from Shark Tank Nepal.

  1. You should expect a wave of creative ideas from people like you and me, starting from scratch. This might compel the viewers to reflect on themselves and learn the nuisance of business. The ideas pitched on the show should help you learn how to raise yours. Even an ordinary idea can sell; it is just how you sell it and who does it better.
  2. The view you thought of as a must-have teen sounds illogical to you, but someone is living it. It doesn’t always have to be revolutionary to establish a brand. A simple idea with dedication will do. Shark Tank Nepal will make you realize you need to start, the success will follow. There’s a lipstick brand making billions in the global market and tons of other overshadowed lipsticks brands. Shark Tank Nepal will help you know how expertise works to create a brand.
  3. Yell to sell! Well, not precisely yell, but you would need the art of speaking to sell your ideas. A poorly pitched idea would get you nowhere. Within the given time, you need to convince the Sharks why and how your business stands out from the rest. Prepare to learn the art of swaying people into your business.

Meet the Sharks

Sharks are the investors who are willing to invest in the ventures of the contestant. The business has to have some sales to show to convince the sharks. Even though there is no official confirmation about the panels of sharks for the show, the official Facebook page of Shark Tank Nepal has asked the followers about who they’d like as sharks. The sharks who are giants in their ventures would change the fate of the pitchers in the show. 

Offering to invest in a business in return for a certain percentage of equity is the show’s format. The contestant would get the investment, expertise, brand promotion, marketing for their products from the Sharks. There are rumors about Bishwas Dhakal– F1 Soft (eSewa)Chandra Prasad Dhakal– IME Group, Binod Chaudhary– CGVidushi Rana– GoldStarMin Bahadur Gurung– BhatBhateni, etc. as Sharks, but it is not confirmed yet.


What is Shark Tank Nepal doing right?

Audiences are already hooked on the show; the promos reaction says it all. Shark Tank Nepal has ticked every box, from perfect show marketing on social media to getting successful business icons on board. Shark Tank Nepal has something new to serve, breaking the decade-long monotonous reality shows in the country. Keeping the show’s originality, it is all set to ace the TV screen in 2022. The selected application would get to feature on the show out of many applicants. Even if they fail to bring a deal for themselves, they will get recognition for their projects. Remind you Shark Tank Nepal focuses on the Nepali market and might differ from the global version. However, it has to maintain the core concept and structure of the show not to lose the essence of ‘Shark Tank‘.

So, Audience, are you ready for the Shark Tank in Nepal’s landlocked country?


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