How to select best colleges for you in Nepal

In this article, we will be discussing how to select the best colleges for you in Nepal. Whether it is Intermediate or graduation or post-graduation choosing colleges is difficult sometimes if you don’t have any senior who can guide you about this. After thinking about a career, the next step is the selection of the right/ best colleges or institutions and that is not a very easy task, however, you can do it in three simple steps. So before getting admission or choosing colleges you check these three things and observe which among is good and gives you value along with education. The steps you should follow regarding how to select the best colleges for you in Nepal are discussed below:

The first step is to – know about colleges as you can find them. Today almost colleges have their website and Facebook pages, the internet is the key and you have access to the world so explore it and search about the colleges and read reviews. Do not just get admission on fake promotions or just because someone convincing and you go there you never know the hidden interest of convincing someone to you about the colleges. Search review and comments from an old student who passed out from there, especially if there are negative comments because everything doesn’t need to be good out there.

The Second Step is the to- Fee structure, lots of colleges especially private colleges charge you a lot for different facilities so ask for a breakup if they are charging you the sports, lab, donations, swimming pool, or library. Suppose you are a commerce student and colleges are charging you for lab fees then ask to reduce that fee. Also, look for an internal scholarship if any available in that colleges. So always ask for a fee break up and don’t regret after getting admission so compare the fee among the same colleges because it’s your parent’s money and you how hard they earn for you.

The third and last step is – Internal marking & Conduct of examinations, there are internal marks that are carried to university degrees so, know-how colleges give internal marks to the students. Ultimately the marks give the first impression to enter for any placement interview or scholarship for a higher degree. lists most of the colleges and has the experience of several students from the past few years. So search for the best colleges from kpadhne and know more about colleges from here.


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