EDV 2024 is Opening soon

EDV 2024 is Opening soon in 2022. The name of this years (2022) DV Lottery is the DV-2024 Lottery because 2024 is the year that winners of this year’s EDV 2024 Lottery will be able to enter the country with their new permanent residence cards. Electronic Diversity Visa Program is the US State lottery program to give cost-effective visas for a person living in an eligible country. There are other visas that you get from the US state department for the US are Tourism & Visit, Study & Exchange, Business and Employment.

Every year, the US government issues 50,000 permanent residence cards (also known as “green cards”) to people from other nations having low rates of immigration to the US. To increase population diversity in the United States, the 1996 Immigration Act created the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery.

Most people worldwide who are 18 or older can participate in the DV Lottery. The Diversity Visa Lottery is not open to those nations from where more than 50,000 immigrants have been to the US in the previous five years.

Who can apply for EDV 2024?

There are two straightforward but serious eligibility requirements that you must complete to participate in the DV-2024 Lottery.

  1. If you have completed your +2 level education or the course you have completed is comparable to a United States High School Degree, then you are eligible for EDV Lottery.  
  2. If you have not completed your +2 level education but you have two years’ work experience in the last five years, you are eligible for EDV Lottery 2024.

Also, you should know:

  • If you are birth in those countries where the EDV program is eligible then also you can fill out the form for the EDV Lottery.

EDV 2024 New Rules

The state assembly updated the DV lottery regulations. Therefore, before submitting the online DV lottery form, you must be aware of these guidelines.

New rules are given below: –

  1. In the past, year there is a compulsory need passport to fill EDV form. Because of that, so many people are eligible but due to a lack of a passport, they couldn’t fill out the EDV form.
  2. But, now this problem is no more. You can apply EDV Lottery without a passport. Now everyone can apply for the EDV lottery 2024.

Because of this new rule, there will be more applications or double applications will be received this year. The changes made are more helpful in collecting data about a person worldwide.

EDV 2024 Application Form

You must first visit the DV program’s official webpage. We have placed the official link for EDV applications below.

https://dvprogram.state.gov This is the link to the DV program’s official web.

From here you can get the online application form for the EDV lottery 2024.

How to apply for the EDV lottery

EDV 2024 form is Opening soon so here, are the details for applying for the EDV lottery 2024. The simple way to apply EDV is enumerated below:

  1. Go to https://dvprogram.state.gov and click on check status: –  
edv form apply

2. Find (Entrant status check instructions) and click on the continue tab: –

edv form apply

3. Now, the next tab looks like this: –

EDV 2024 form

Here, you have to fill in all the details about you and your family member. If you made some mistake in adding your family details, it will make you difficult in the future, so be careful while filling out family details.

4. If you have a passport, then you can give the passport number of the main applicant.

5. Provide a link to the image from the DV lottery.

6. Now, finally you can submit the online DV lottery form.

DV-2024 Requirements

Complete your class 12, If you are not complete your undergraduate then you can Show your 2 years of working experience in the last five years.

You need complete details about you and your family member.

There are different criteria in a photo also, your picture had to be clear, and the Picture’s background should be White, Photo should be revealing both sides of your ear.

The photo size should be 2/2.

Is EDV from 2024 Open?

Usually, the EDV program form opens in October’s first week and closes in November’s first week. So, you will have almost one month to fill out the EDV form.  

you can understand that the EDV form 2024 will open in October and close in November. So, the EDV form 2024 is not opening yet, it will open in October month of 2022. October 6, 2022, to November 9, 2022, are the application dates for EDV2024 this year.

SEE pass students can apply for the EDV lottery 2024

If you are completed your Secondary Education Examination (SEE) You can also apply EDV Lottery. But there are Certain Criteria.  You need to have 2 years of work experience for last the five years. If you have those work experience you are eligible for EDV Lottery 2024.  

Stay tuned with us for more information. If you have any queries you can comment below.

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