Selection Criteria for French Foreign Legion (Army) 2023 | Nepalese Can Apply

Are you looking for foreign-based job opportunities and could not able to find one? Well, here is one exciting job for you. France is looking for an army from across the world of various ranks. As per Wikipedia: The Foreign Legion is a corps of the French Army with a particular command and comprising multiple specialties: infantry, cavalry, engineers, and airborne units. It was formed in 1831 to allow the inclusion of foreign people into the French Army. Before moving further first let’s end the curiosity and understand the selection Criteria for French Foreign Legion (Army) 2022.

Here are the points you must be aware of before checking the selection criteria

  • Selection or recruitment is still open and running 24*7 and 365 days from all over the world
  • If you are not vaccinated (COVID-19) and you can get one in Aubagne
  • The selection process runs for 2- 4 weeks
  • Single participation counted even if you are married
  • The first contract is signed for mandatory 5 years
  • The process ends upon acceptance and rejection
  • You have to bear your visa and ticket expense on your own
  • Free accommodation, clothes & food provided during legion

Selection Criteria for French Foreign Legion (Army) 2022

Things that matter while Joining the French Foreign Legion (Army) or Selection Criteria

Here are the selection criteria for joining the French Foreign Legion for any nationals across the world:

  1.  Age Limit: 17.5 Years to 39.5 Years
  2. Your Passport
  3. Verified Birth Certificates Not older than six months
  4. Clean Records (No Wanted from Interpol)
  5. You must be physically fit
  6. Able to read and write in your native Language
  7. BMI between 18-30

Things that do not matter in the selection

  • Citizenship (Nepali or Indian or anyone from anywhere can apply)
  • Cast & creed  / Race & Religion
  • French Language- Yes no requirement for the French language
  • Education, qualification
  • Social and Professional Status
  • Civil status (married & Unmarried)
  • Your previous background (military or non)


Three Mandatory Entry tests for the French Army

1. Psycho-technical test

This test contains two tests your

  • IQ test
  • Personality test

2. Sports Test

Under this test here is the test that is conducted

Beep test:  Here you have to present your physical strength in the allotted time that includes running, and audio listening with increasing frequency.

Swimming: 25meters swimming test without any support or equipment

Pull-ups: Pull-ups with straight arms is the part where you can’t get eliminated.


3. Medical Test

  • Through Medical tests conducted
  • The vision test will be there to check your eyesight
  • Healthy Teeth required (4-6 missing teeth allowed)

Documentation is required if you have gone through any surgery or serious past health issues

Note: here in these tests, the rejection chances are due to the following reasons:

  • If you have a severe disease like Hepatitis, TB, Diabetes, HIV, Cancer, etc.
  • Overweight and Psychiatric disorder
  • Bad hearing, Finger loss, Hernia side effects, Knee dislocations, etc.

These are the examples there might be other reasons as well. You might also have to look tattoo the related policy if you have a tattoo on your body.


There are two locations for the French Foreign Legion Selection

  1. Paris
  2. Aubagne

You could stay up to 10 days in the preselection center in Paris, before joining the primary selection procedure that takes place at Aubagne, the Legion HQ.


Career opportunities in the French Foreign Legion

There are several areas where you can enhance and showcase your skills despite your academic qualifications. Areas like combat specialist, Administration, Signals, Controls, Maintainance, and Miscellaneous are there. You can go in either of them and there is a more macro-level experience inside each area.

Apart from free food, accommodation, clothes, and Medical treatment legionnaire will also get a good amount of payment for their service. Payment depends on the Ranks and the area you serve.

Salary starts from 1200 Euro to 5000 Euro Excluding bonus and allowances. You will get extra bonuses and allowance depending on your location of service and ranks.


Getting Visa to France and Things you can carry while going for selection

For Visa, you have to contact France diplomats’ office available there. A tourist visa is best if you are going for a Legion selection in France. Here are the things you have to carry while going there:

  • All documents
  • Shoes, T-shirts, and shocks
  • Toiletries and a Few euros

You can avoid taking the following things with you;

  • Electronics items except for mobile
  • A large number of Euros
  • Jewelry and Credit cards

Must not carry 

Weapons and Keys

I hope you have got some insight if you have any questions please feel free to contact or comment below.
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