UGC Nepal Announces Scholarship for Higher Education

                             UGC Nepal Announces Scholarship for Higher Education

Are you a Dalit, a freedman, a Muslim woman, a member of an economically disadvantaged group, the child of a martyr or a victim of violence, or a handicapped person?

If you answered yes, the University Grants Commission (UGC) Nepal offers some encouraging news. As per its Program Procedures, 2079, UGC Nepal has launched a scholarship scheme for higher education.

The goal of the scholarship program is to expand access to higher education for underrepresented groups and to assist dependent children financially.


Economically disadvantaged populations, Dalits, freedmen, Muslim women, people with disabilities, and the offspring of martyrs or victims of violence are also eligible for the scholarship program.

In the fiscal year 2079–080, applicants must be enrolled in their first year of an undergraduate or graduate degree.

The process to Apply for this Scholarship

Students who are interested may complete the application form found on the UGC Nepal website at

The application can submit electronically or downloaded and sent to the commission office within the specified time window together with a letter of reference.

View the Notice Below: –

You can Click Here to Apply for this UGS Scholarship.

You can Click Here to get the Application for this Scholarship.

Find the Recommendation Form by Clicking Here.

Scholarship Form.

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