Australia Award Scholarships 2024 for Nepali Students

Australia Award Scholarships 2024 for Nepali Students

Are you seeking for a chance to change Nepal and establish yourself as a leader in your industry? The Australia Awards Scholarships, which are presently accepting applications until May 1, 2023, are the only option. Here is all the information you want about these esteemed international scholarships.

The Australian government completely funds short courses and scholarships through the Australia Awards program.

These scholarships give recipients the chance to get a Master’s degree from an Australian university that is well-known across the world.

They are made with the intention of fostering a network of leaders who can significantly advance Nepal’s social and economic development.

Benefits of Australia Award Scholarship 2024

A worldwide network of leaders and advocates is forming when recipients of Australia Awards Scholarships join the Australia Global Alumni network, which links them to Australia and to one another.

These scholarships come with complete tuition assistance, round-trip air travel, assistance with living expenses, and health insurance. Moreover, the scholarship offers all of the assistance and cash required to finish your studies.

Eligibility & Criteria  

All qualified applicants, regardless of gender, race, or handicap, have an equal opportunity to apply because of the application process’s openness and competitiveness.

Candidates must be qualified by holding a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and at least two years of work experience in a field related to their intended field of study.

Also, students need to fulfil the institution’s English language requirements for the program they want to enrol in.

Offered Course

Master’s programs in important development areas, such as climate change, economic development, gender equality, inclusive education, and sustainable infrastructure development, disability and social inclusion, governance, catastrophe risk reduction are supported by Australia Awards Scholarships.

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

To apply, read the provided materials and information on the Australia Awards website, verify your eligibility, think about your objectives and the needs of your nation in terms of development, look into universities and courses that are offered, prepare the necessary supporting documentation, and submit your application via OASIS.

Restrictions & Criteria for Australia Awards Scholarship Finalists

A contract with the Commonwealth of Australia must be signed if you are chosen to earn an Australia Awards Scholarship.

The terms of the scholarship are outlined in this contract, which also stipulates that recipients must leave Australia for at least two years after finishing their studies.

Before applying, it’s crucial to thoroughly review these requirements to make sure you can follow them.

Sessions for Course Advice and Information

The Australian Government is holding a series of information and course guidance workshops to assist potential applicants in learning more about the Australia Awards Scholarships.

These meetings offer a chance to ask questions and learn more about the prerequisites and application process. The lessons take place in person and online at various places in Nepal.

To register for a session, visit the Australia Awards Nepal website Link is given Below.

Indicates of Subjects for Australian Scholarships in Nepal

Several academic disciplines are covered by the Australia Awards Scholarships in Nepal, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Education
  • Technologies and engineering
  • Natural resources Management
  • Public administration and policy
  • Gender & social inclusion

You could still qualify to apply if the field of study you are intereste in is not one of those mentioned. Review the country profile and get in touch with the Australia Awards Nepal office for additional details.

Attend one of the following information sessions or events to find out more about Australia Awards Scholarships if you’re intereste in applying.

To register to attend an information session, Click here.

To register to attend a course advice session, please click here.

Note: –

It’s crucial to go over the crucial material supplied by the Australian Government in order to assist you with the preparation of your application.

An overview of Nepal’s nation is provided below, along with a list of possible scholarship topics of study. It’s crucial to thoroughly read this material to make sure you qualify and that the scholarship fits your objectives.

For more information, you can visit the link here Australia Award Scholarships in 2023.

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