See Result 2080 Will Published Today 5:00 PM (2079 SEE Batch)

SEE is the examination of the secondary level of a school system which is taken by the National Examination Board of Nepal. Previously It is also known as the school leaving certificate. Every student should take this examination to complete the 10th grade. The SEE 2079 exam is scheduled in March and April of every year. See result 2080 will published today 5:00 PM is what news is coming from various sources. NEB is all set to publish the result for SEE 2080. Here is how you should check your result.

In 2079 Total participation in SEE 4,84,277 applicants from all over Nepal. And 1,06,959 students from Bagmati province took the SEE 2079  test, making them the province with the highest number of participants. The Karnali province had the fewest participants in the test for the technical stream was taken by over 15000 students.

The students were able to get the certificate even if their grades were very low with an E grade. SEE results update 21st Ashar,2080 \ July 06, 2023, fixed date as per reports.


How to check SEE Results 2080

There are several methods to check the SEE results they are given below:

  1. Type SEE Symbol Number and send it to 35001 (Ncell)
  2. Through the website to OR AND
  3. To check SEE results through IVR (interactive voice response) type 1600 in namaste sim or landline and call. (NTC)
  4. you can check the results from the Newspaper
  5. you can listen to the radio to know the SEE result
  6. you can also check SEE results on the official website of NEB

 Check Your SEE Result Here

There are several methods of checking the results, you can check the result which services are best as your choices. When checking the results, you face the problem like networking errors and more traffic on a website. Wait a moment and refresh your portal and log in once then you can check your results easily.

There are different types of courses that you can study after the exam some of them are;

Technical Course provided by (CTEVT) After See result 2080

There are several technical courses you can join after SEE like:

  1. Certificate in diagnostic radiography (CTEVT)
  2. PCL nursing
  3. Diploma in pharmacy (CTEVT)
  4. Certificate in medical laboratory technology (CTEVT)
  5. Diploma in agriculture plant science (CTEVT)
  6. Diploma in Architecture Engineer (CTEVT)


As per the given subject, you can study which is suitable for you. There is running the courses like health, engineering, agriculture, hospitality, and so on. These all courses are completed after 3 years. You must be passed the SEE to study this course. This is the most important system for employment generation. It helps to update with the latest technology and industry developments. If you study this subject which is provided by the CTEVT you will get the job easily you don’t need to worry about your future because its scope is best in Nepal and also the out of country.

Let’s discuss the one-by-one courses which are provided by the CTEVT they are given below:

Certificate in diagnostic radiography (CTEVT)

Nepal government provides basic health services to all over Nepal. In the field of radiography and imaging. CTEVT running the program to produce middle-level radiography and imaging service provides. This course is complete after 3 years. The medium of structure is English Nepali.

First-year, students should focus the science and foundation. In the second year, students should focus on radiography and imaging-related field.  And third-year students should focus on the skills and knowledge within the comprehensive practical setting in hospitals health institutions and imagining centers. Fields are included in the second and third years.

There are five subjects to study in the certificate in diagnostic radiography they are:

  1. English
  2. Nepali
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Mathematics

At the end of this course, students should do the following work:

  1. To provide basic first aid treatment
  2. To provide take care of the patients in the X-ray department.
  3. To maintain the photography and x-ray equipment in good order.
  4. To practice quality control systems in the radiography department and so on.


Student should score 90% attendance in 2each subjects. This program is based on yearly. To pass this course student should score the 40% in theory and 50% in practical.

Official SEE Result Site (Click Here)

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Article Contributor :- Karishma Khanal