8 Things Students Can Do After SEE Exam

8 Things Students Can Do After SEE Exam:- In this article, we are going to learn about 8 things that students can do after giving their secondary education examination. Students in grade 10 face the SEE – Secondary Education Examination at the end of each school year. In Nepali society, this examination is valued greatly from the beginning.

As students are taught all subjects up to the SEE level, including math, science, computers, accounting, and other disciplines. Thus, SEE is regarded as a golden gate in the lives of students. But, following SEE, a person can select a topic based on their interests and not have to worry if it doesn’t match their interests. After SEE exams, the vacation period is over two and a half months long, thus there are many of activities that students can learn at this time.

The 8 things that students can do after their SEE exam in Nepal are given below: 

1. Identify Your Hobbies –

This is the major element that shouldn’t be ignored. Consider your perspective on the study as you relax for a time. You can write everything that occurs to you down on a copy. Everyone has a particular area of interest. Some enjoy public speaking, some enjoy drawing, and dancing. Most of the students who appear for SEE are at an age where they are unsure features. I wish to advise them not to panic and to take their time. Do the activities you enjoy. Attend dancing or music lessons, pick up a new language, pursue science or art, or learn them online. When you know who you are and what interests you, you can build a foundation upon which to turn that interest into strength.

2. Take Bridge Courses Class –

Knowing your interests will put your understanding of your strengths and shortcomings one step further. Sincerely, now is the ideal time to express your interest in a particular professional route. Therefore, if you are interested in science, take a bridge course to get admission to the best science colleges. Also, you can tale class in technology and computer courses. If you want to shape your personality, take personality development classes. Your enthusiasm for your career can grow if you enroll in classes related to  Thus, I wish to advise the SEE-appearing students to avoid wasting time by just strolling.

3. Identify the Purpose of Each Stream –

Many students might be unsure of which stream to choose in order to follow their dream careers. Recognize the field you can enter after studying a specific subject. In Plus two levels there are science, management, humanities, law, etc. streams which are of two-year duration. The examination is taken by NEB(National Examination Board). Similarly, there are many different educational faculties under CTEVT, The Council For Technical Education, and Vocational Training. The majority of the programs last three years and are quite helpful for people looking for jobs quickly. They are all based on theoretical and technological concepts that encompass the skill sets required for diverse fields. Given the numerous issues in rural areas, this course is really beneficial.

4. Reduce Peer Pressure –

Nowadays, even if many of them are only average, most students receive good SEE scores. Private schools place a high focus on SEE, which leads to greater pressure on children and the requirement that they take additional tuition lessons. Many students are able to perform well on SEE exams as a result of all of these and other reasons. Hence, while guiding them to the best of their abilities, many parents still tend to have an impact on their kids’ choices. Many parents force their children into the science stream without considering their abilities. Also, a lot of children pursue science because their best buddy is a scientist. Avoid making such a mistake.

5. Participate in Social Clubs –

Around the country, there are a variety of social clubs, including both global organizations like Rotary International and regional ones like the Community Youth Club. And believe me when I say that social groups have absolutely no drawbacks if you can make the time for them, and taking a trip after SEE time won’t be an issue. You can meet powerful people, give back to your community by participating in volunteer work, learn about the real state of society, and work to improve it by joining social groups. It won’t be difficult to join one of the local chapters of the Red Cross society, rotary international, Leo Club, etc. as they are some of the top social clubs in the world.

6. Be creative and DIY –

The best method to better yourself and use your leisure is perhaps to be creative. If you see a DIY video on YouTube at this age, you’ll be curious to try it, and if you keep creating crafty things, you’ll become addicted to it. Everyone can become more creative and motivated to do so even more by producing a lot of creative writing and crafts. You can start a business at a young age and become an entrepreneur even through the crafts that you make. You might even make money on your own using this. Also, I think that doing such crafts could be a fun and improved way to get to know oneself. On social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you might set up a virtual store and conduct online sales. So, I don’t see any drawbacks to practicing crafts in your free time.

7. Watch Influencing Movies –

I think watching movies is a simple way to learn because most people tend to forget what they read or hear but retain what they see. Watching influential movies can help you improve yourself in the best and most effective way because you get to see people doing things that you wanted to do but lacked the courage to do, which will inspire you. Additionally, watching influential movies can give you knowledge both through audio and visual means, giving you the most effective way of learning. It may be influencing to see films on the rich histories of many locations. Earth or the biographies of the most influential people ever.

8. Read Books –

Reading is an art form in and of itself. It helps you develop your imagination, and the more you read, the more creative you become. Reading is the finest way to improve your mental and spiritual well-being since it allows you to get insight into the world by reading the thoughts and works of many different individuals. The best use of your time is reading. You can read a wide range of literature, from comic books to biographies of famous individuals, from science to economics to science fiction that is based on a true story.

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