Poor and deserving students received full scholarships

Poor and deserving students received full scholarships: The technical school students in Mahottari’s Bardibas Nagar locality have been given scholarships. At a ceremony on Saturday, the Padmasamsher Memorial Foundation Bardibas presented needy and deserving students. With full scholarships for diploma (bachelor’s) level technical education studies. Six deserving and needy children from Bardibas-1 Mahottari received complete scholarships from the organization to attend a variety of institutions in the city. And the pupils claim that financial hardship won’t prevent them from continuing their education. Mandal, who comes from a very low-income family, has begun studying hotel management at the Nirmal Lama Polytechnic Institute in Sundarbasti, Bardibas-11 Khairmara.

In accordance with the institution’s decision from last October. The scholarship amount was given today in the presence of the head of the relevant school by check. The charity also provided Dinita Devkota, who comes from a very low-income household in Khairmara. With a complete scholarship to study and practice radiography at the same institution. Devkota acknowledged her joy at receiving the scholarship. She said, “Now the institution has made sure. Despite the desire, I did not feel like I could study due to the family’s poverty. I can succeed in my studies if I work hard.

The institute has awarded Kavita Choulagai and Jenisa Tamang of Bardibas-3 full scholarships. To pursue their bachelor’s degrees in animal science and crop science, respectively. Choulagai and Tamang start their study at Janata Madhyamik Vidyalaya Bardibas-3 Gouridanda. Where the technical stream they have selected is being taught. In a similar vein, Manish Kumar Mahato of Bardibas-7 and Ravin Kumar Sah of Bardibas-6 have each been awarded full scholarships. To pursue their respective bachelor’s degrees in computer science and civil engineering. Both of them have started classes at Bardibas-6 Chaulikha’s Janhit Nandalal Secondary School.

Poor and deserving students received full scholarships from the Padmasamsher Memorial Foundation Bardibas.

Ravin Kumar Sah also gets a scholarship to study civil engineering. Despite the foundation’s announcement that it would award 15 students who live in the Bardibas city region with scholarships for the academic year 2077–2078. The actual number of recipients has fallen short of expectations. In the first year (2077) and the final year (2078). A total of 11 and 9 students, respectively, received full scholarships to continue their education.

Six individuals have earned scholarships this year, increasing the total number of recipients to 26. Two of them have finished their computer science degrees. Anil Giri and Raksha Sigdel received certificates of honor from the foundation today during a ceremony designed to say goodbye to the students who have finished their studies and to give scholarships to the six students chosen this year. Bharat Babu Subedi, the head of the district education development and coordination unit in Mahottari, served as the event’s chief guest.

“Efforts have been launched with the concept that the possibility of education should not be lost owing to financial considerations,” says Bishnu Khadka, the head of the organization. The president of the foundation, Khadka, claims that he has initiated measures to improve the educational environment since he has a memory of how his ambition to study in the past was not realized owing to financial constraints.

Padmasamsher Memorial Foundation Bardibas.

In his own words, “Now I am able to spend some money via hard work,” he remarked, “At that time (30 years ago), after I passed SLC, I was unable to continue my education owing to poverty. So be it. I started working on my education through the scholarship fund by forming a foundation in my parents’ names. The foundation’s support for the expansion of education in the Bardibas city region, according to Ganesh Prasad Dahal, Head of Education and Sports Branch of Bardibas City Executive Office, has aided in the creation of trained labor.

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