Form Filling Notice for Diploma and PCL Level Exams

Form Filling Notice for Diploma and PCL Level ExamsSanothimi, Bhaktapur, CTEVT, Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) Information that Must Be Included When Filling Out the Application for the Diploma and Certificate Level Examinations.

Nursing, General Medicine, Medical Lab Technology, Radiography, Homeopathy, General Medicine Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Dental Science (Dental Hygiene), Ophthalmic Science, Agriculture (Crop Science and Animal Science), Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Yoga, and Naturopathy. As well as First, Second, and Third Year Regular. And Second & Third Year Part-Time and Diploma in Engineering Programs in Forestry Programs, Hotel Management, Food, and Dairy Technology, Social Works, and Ent ( Crop Science and Animal Science). Since the second half of the first year’s regular examinations are held in January. Candidates must submit their examination application forms by January 11 for regular fees and by January 18 for late fees. This announcement is being made to fill.

Diploma programs in civil engineering, civil engineering (specialization in hydropower), automobile engineering, geomatics engineering, electrical engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning, information technology, food and dairy technology, first-year hotel management, entrepreneurial development, and agriculture (crop science and animal science) are available. You must submit your application on the aforementioned date and time because of the normal exam. As well as the second and third-year partial exams will all take place at the same time.

Additionally, students from educational institutions will not be included in the exam. If they do not meet the requirements below and do not submit their application within the allotted period:
  • It is necessary to fill out all the necessary information on the examination application form. On the application form, a current passport-size photo of the applicant with a visible face is necessary.
  • In the event of annual examination systems, Rs. 1,000 per student in the case of establishments run on a regular basis in collaboration with religious, community, and councils. 500 rupees in the case of the semester exam system. Private educational institutions charge each student Rs. 2,500 for the yearly examination system and Rs. 2,000 for the semester examination system. Additionally, each student will be required to pay a delay cost that is twice as much as the ordinary exam fee. Additionally, a late fee will be assessed if the form is not submitted through the web-based online system within the standard fee window.
  • The examination cost for partial examinees is Rs. 300 for just one subject and Rs. 300 for every additional subject. The prescribed fee per student will be doubled to 150.- in regular price and late fee.
  • On the day following the last date for normal fee payment and the last day for late fee payment, the concerned educational institutions shall deposit the funds into the bank account of the respective Province office and upload the whole bank voucher to ITMS Online. And within the 19th of Mangsir 2079, the regular and delayed examination application forms must be submitted simultaneously to the appropriate provincial office.
  • Separate files for each subject’s regular, partial, and new or old curriculum must be generated when the relevant educational institutions submit the examination application form.
Form Filling Notice for Diploma and PCL Level Exams
  • The fee payment receipt must also be attached and recorded with the provincial offices of the council before the deadline.
  • Candidates who have obtained regular scholarships and categorized scholarships will not be required to pay examination fees.
  • Only students who have been enrolled and registered since the academic session 2073/74 (AD 2016) will be permitted to complete the examination application form in the case of partial examinees.
  • System of annual/semester exams Regular subjects are need to compulsorily enter their internal evaluations into the web-based online system and provide a certified copy (printed copy). The outcome of the internal assessment conducted following entrance will remain unchanged.
  • Only NQ examinees who failed the internal evaluation examination should print and submit a copy of the result in the examination form and in the web-based online system in the case of partial examinees.
  • The regular side of the annual/semester examination system examinees’ examination application forms must be entered in the web-based online system and matched in accordance with the aggregate form’s order. Additionally, the internal assessment must be completed in accordance with the program, and a printed copy of the aggregate form must be attached to the same file.
  • All programs of the annual/semester examination system that have been enrolled and registered since the academic session 2073–74 (AD 2016) are entered into the web-based online system, and the forms are sorted by program and form order. The Internal Assessment and aggregate form should also be attached as printed documents to the same file.
  • The final examination will only be open to candidates who pass the internal evaluation test. The NQ applicants’ examination for that topic will be automatically canceled. If they show up for the examination while specifying the subject they failed.
Form Filling Notice for Diploma and PCL Level Exams
  • Students who have registered from other educational institutions must include the name of their new school. On the examination application form and submit a letter requesting their transfer.
  • Candidates for the annual/semester examination system on the regular side may access the examination application form via The examination application form and admit card should print on white A4 paper and turn in.
  • On the website Candidates for the annual/semester examination system who are enrolled and registered for the academic session 2073/74 (AD 2016) can access the examination application form. Printed on yellow A4 paper, the exam application form and admission card must be submitted.
The bank account information for the Council’s provincial offices, So the fee payment is made, is as follows: –

Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited, Itahari Branch, Current Account Number (A/C) 2550100001278001, Province No. 1 Office of CTEVT, Itahari, Sunsari.

The Rashtriya Banijya Bank Limited, Janakpur Branch, Current Account Number (A/C) 1520100002639001, CTEVT, Madhesh Pradesh Office, Janakpur, Dhanusha.

Rashtriya Banijya Bank Limited, Hetaunda Branch, Current Account Number (A/C) 1300100003669001, Bagmati Province Office, Makwanpur.

Rashtriya Banijya Bank Limited, Pardi, Pokhara Branch, Current Account Number (A/C) 3500100000234001, Gandaki Province Office, Pokhara, Kaski.

The Rashtriya Banijya Bank Limited, Butwal Branch, Current Account Number (A/C) 3360100000361001, CTEVT, Lumbini Province Office, Butwal, Rupandehi.

Rashtriya Banijya Bank Limited, Surkhet Branch, Current Account Number (A/C) 4080100015528001, CTEVT, Karnali Province Office, Birendranagar, Surkhet.

CTEVT, Dhangadhi, Kailali, Sudurpaschim Province Office. With the test application form, please enclose the whole voucher with the fee deposit to Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited. Dhangadhi Branch, Current Account Number (A/C) 4170100006508001.

For more information, you can View/Download the Notice Below: –

Note: –

1) Symbol no. Because a single payment should make educational institutions must input the examination application form in the web-based online system by 2079-08-11 for the standard charge and by 2079-08-18 for the late fee.

2) The training assignments should complete in accordance with the syllabus at all educational institutions. The announcement will be posted at

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