Lok Sewa Aayog Notification 1st March 2023  

Lok Sewa Aayog Notification 1st March 2023

A notification amending Notification No. 1223-079/80 dated 2079/10/25 has been made available by the Public Service Commission’s Information and Publications Department.

The promotion of first-class (technical) and fifth-level jobs in health services is the subject of this notification.

The advertisement notice’s promotion announcement base on performance evaluation has update, according to the amendment notification.

Under Notification No. 1223-079/80, the promotion notification numbers 411-079/80 and 412-079/80 have been changed. The concerned applicants are urged to submit their applications for promotion in the appropriate manner.

This notification is being published for the benefit of all parties involved. It is advised that candidates who qualify for promotion in the health services industry pay attention to this revision announcement.

A notification recommending the publication of an advertisement for various positions has publish by the Public Service Commission.

Both the Commission’s website and the notice board in the relevant office have this information posted. This recommendation information is also included in the Commission’s Bulletin from 2079-11-17.

This notification is being published for the benefit of all parties involve. Candidates who have applied for the advertised posts are recommende to look for recommendations on the Commission’s website or the notice board of the relevant office.

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