kPadhne Tutor Works as a Bridge Between Teacher and Student

What is kPadhne Tutor?

kPadhne Tutor is an online platform for connecting teachers(Tutors) and students. If you are looking for home tuition, personal coaching, group tuition, face to face mentor, special coaching then you can simply go to the tutors’ section of This platform is built for both Tutors and Students to get connected online. Students can browse through numbers of tutors profile to choose the best one as per their timing, location, expertise, and price feasibility. Students who are looking for a specific teacher can simply select the best teacher.

On the other hand, if you have any type of skills and expertise, you can marketize yourself by creating a tutor profile on Creating an attractive profile in kPadhne Tutor allows you to showcase your skill, talent, and knowledge among thousands of people out there. You can use kPadhne Tutor platform for searching and promoting the following services –

  • Home Tuition
  • Group Tuition
  • Individual and Group Mentorship
  • Personal Coaching
  • Special Group/Individual Training
  • Practical Training
  • Special Skills Training and so on…

kPadhne Tutor | A bridge between teachers and students

Why Should You Join kPadhne Tutor as a Tutor?

You have a full-time job and still, you want to utilize your remaining time teaching someone and make extra money. But you are not being able to advertise yourself. Or you have special skill and training that you want to teach someone. Then you can join kPadhne Tutor and make a profile with full details. This helps you to get connected with hundreds of needy students in the market.

You can connect to your potential student through kPadhne Tutor who really needs your knowledge and skill. There are thousands of students looking for a best teacher, Mentor, professional trainer. Creating a profile helps you to connect with students and widen your income opportunities. You can also teach for free as volunteers for increasing your knowledge.

Benefits for Tutors :

  • Whether you are an Individual or Organization, creating a profile in kPadhne Tutor helps you to marketize yourself.
  • It helps for widening your income opportunities by utilizing your leisure time. Does not matter if you are a full-time teacher or trainer.
  • Flexible time, location and you can negotiate for the best price with students as per your convenience and standard.
  • Reduce extra cost of marketing, promoting and searching the students who need your skill, training, knowledge, and mentorship.
  • The best part is, you can create your attractive profile within 10 Minutes. And thousands of students check your profile.

Why Should You Join kPadhne Tutor as Student?

There are thousands of professional trainers, teachers, mentors, coaching organization in the market. But you are not being able to catch the one who fulfills your requirements. kPadhne Tutor allows you to connect to the teacher of your convenience and budget. You can search for a teacher in your time and location without hassling and haggling.

Benefits for Students:

  • As there are already many tutors profile listed online, you have choices of tutors in a single platform.
  • You can connect to those tutors who are nearby you an match your timing and expectation.
  • No need to hassle for searching best tutors in places to places.

How kPadhne Tutor Works?

You need to register in kPadhne and interested student can contact you and you can arrange time timing and price as per your [both student and yours] convenience. kPadhne Tutor simply works in 5 steps.

  1. Register
  2. Connect
  3. Confirm
  4. Teach
  5. Earn


Register | kPadhne Tutor

Registering is needed for the tutors only, i.e. tutors (individual or organizations). Register for 100% free at kPadhne Tutors and update the necessary information such as –

  • Available timing
  • Available areas of service
  • Specializations [Skils, Expertise, Knowledge]
  • Associated Institutions [Where you have been currently working]
  • Current locations
  • And other personal details

Tutors can also update the time shift (Day or Night) so that interested student can arrange the time accordingly. You have to give full details as much as possible so that one can easily make a decision about you.

Register | kPadhne Tutor

2. Connect

For students, if you finalize the specific tutor then simply connect to tutors. Tutors will get your notification of connection and you can further discuss in detail. In order to use the connect feature, you need to register in

Connect | kPadhne Tutor

3. Confirm

“Confirm” is basically the confirmation call that you as a tutor will get from KPADHNE representative to verify your details. Once you are confirmed you are ready to connect with students.


After all confirmation with kPadhne Representative and Student. Now you can teach in your convenient location at your preferred timing.

5. Earn

Earning is the last phase of kPadhne Tutor. You can make an extra income of full-time income by marketize yourself if

How the Idea of kPadhne Tutor Generated?

Finding a qualified teacher might be easy but finding those who are flexible in timing, convenient location, and the reasonable price is not easy. Especially these days, everybody remains busy in a tight schedule. Those students who are looking for a specific type of tutor, mentor, coaching and training in their time and location has to run here and there. On the other hand, those who have teaching skills and time but not getting the students. She/she has to go through different institutions or give advertisement in the media. This process is hassling and costly as well.

This made us realize problems of finding a right tutor across dimensions like price, location, timings, and quality. In this time of internet and technology, we came up with the idea of connecting needy students with tutors across Nepal.

Wrapping up!

If you properly utilize your time and resources, it is easier to widen your income opportunities. Rapid development in technology made us easy to search, communication and connect with the world. kPadhne Tutor is free and easy to use platform for connecting tutors and students from across Nepal.

If you also want to teach something to others and trade your skills but don’t have time at day to do so, give it a try at kPadhne tutor and who knows you may get some people who want to learn from you in your available time.

We believe you’ve understood what this platform is all about. So, if you have any queries regarding it, feel free to contact us. You can also notify us in the comments section below.

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