Kathmandu Metropolitan City will start a school-level traffic awareness program

Kathmandu Metropolitan City will start a school-level traffic awareness program: To make sure that kids are the primary informants, Kathmandu Metropolitan City has decided to launch a traffic awareness program at the school level. According to Ramprasad Subedi, director of the Metropolitan Education Department, the Metropolitan Corporation would begin a traffic awareness campaign with kids in public schools the following week.

In the office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Deputy Chief Sunita Dangol. The chief of the Valley Traffic Police Office and a number of other policemen attended a meeting. And the Deputy Inspector General of Police Meera Chaudhary. The recent death of the Personal Assistant to the Tourism Secretary, who died instantaneously after colliding with a motorbike as she was leaving Singha Darbar’s front gate, is evidence that there is still a lack of traffic awareness in Kathmandu.

According to Subedi, head of the education division, a 30-minute awareness workshop for children should be at the time of morning prayer. Subedi informed the populace that the department was getting ready to write to 86 community schools in the city on Tuesday. Students practice following traffic laws on the highway, he continued, in order to obtain real-world experience with them.

School-level traffic awareness program

Classes for the awareness program’s initial phase should be in neighborhood schools. Everyone will attend the first class, which will take place during prayer. Then, older pupils will receive education and information about traffic volunteers suited to their interests and age. This will allow students who have taken theoretical classes to give their time while learning practical skills. He stated that the institutionalization of the concept was initially implemented in community schools.

Everyone, according to Deputy Mayor Dangol, needs a traffic awareness program, and schools especially need one in order to teach pupils to be cautious from a young age. According to Deputy Principal Dangol, “the program of imparting life-useful knowledge and skills to the kids in the school is progressing their overall development work. Families and society will also benefit from the knowledge received by the students.” Students are information carriers. They can quickly bring about changes.

A traffic office awareness course, according to Deputy Inspector General of Police Choudhary, is ready and will be very helpful for kids. According to Deputy Inspector General of Police Chaudhary, “the awareness program implemented in schools, all knowledge connected to traffic rules such as lanes, sky bridges, lights, and signs are given.” “The cooperation with the city has been successful.”

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