DOIB Notice for Undergraduate Journalism Students to Apply for Scholarships

Apply for Undergraduate Journalism Scholarships: Apply for Scholarships/ Sanchargram, Kathmandu: Department of Information and Broadcasting (DOIB), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Government of Nepal. Notification for undergraduate journalism students to submit scholarship applications. Since “scholarships to 14 undergraduate students studying journalism” will be offered by the Department of Information and Broadcasting in the fiscal year 2079–2080.

The Proficiency Certificate Level or the 10+2 in journalism is necessary for those who are enrolling in graduate school and wish to apply. Within 30 days of the date, Publication of this notice. They may submit an application to the department in the format specified in Schedule (1) of “Scholarship Distribution Procedure for Students Studying Journalism, 2074” along with the supporting documentation. The date of this notice publication is 23 Kartik 2079.

  1. Require documents for the application attachment are below: -Apply for Scholarships
  • The certificate of Nepalese citizenship.
  • Copy of the diploma proving completion of the Proficiency Certificate level or the 10+2 Journalism subject.
  • A reference letter from a professor confirming that journalism is being studied at the graduate level on the concerned campus In the aforementioned letter, it should be made clear which year the student is a graduate student. If the student is in his or her final year of enrollment, it should be clear that there are still at least 6 (six) months of study time left.
  • Recommendation letter: Students who apply in the group stated in 2. in points (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), and (h). proof in the form of a document or recommendation letter.
  • A PP-Size of the photo.
  1. 14 applicants will receive the following scholarships out of the total applicants.
  • Open: 5 people
  • Women: 3
  • Dalits: 1
  • Tribal/Tribals: 1
  • Madheshi: 1
  • Muslim: 1
  • Backward Areas: 1
  • Disabled: 1
  1. Applicant can email their application. The department’s email address, [email protected], must receive the application together with all required supporting documentation scanned in. The department will send the registration number in the email of the application after they have received the email.
  2. On the department’s website,, you may find extensive information on the scholarship distribution process for journalism students as well as the 2074 schedule (1) of the application form.
Download/View the Notice: –DOIB Notice

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