Jeff Bezos made a short Journey to space in his New Shepard

Jeff Bezos made a short journey to space in his New Shepard. Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and ex-CEO of with his brother Mark Bezos and 2 other co-passenger successfully traveled to space by New Shepard-  a rocket built by a company called Blue Origin. The capsules in which they traveled have a wide window from which beautiful views of space and earth can be seen. He seems a little bit nervous in the beginning but when he landed the joy on his face was out of the world.

Jeff Bezos was surprised by the sensation of microgravity: “It felt so normal,” he said

He added we need to protect the beauty of the earth it is so beautiful. The capsule in which they traveled can hold 6 persons at a time. Space travel will be the future in the coming days there is no doubt about it. So, this is all about (Jeff Bezos made a short Journey to space in his New Shepard), for further information you can go to the link below:

You can watch the full video here


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