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Canada is asking around 1.5 million people to fulfill their labor gaps in the country. What is the process and how to apply for Canada Immigration For Nepali | Canada Work Visa Details from 2023-2025?  This is the three-year plan of Canada to give visas to 1.45 million new immigrants in 2023-2024-2025. Nepalis are increasingly interested in traveling abroad to study, work, and obtain permanent residency in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Students and working professionals, in particular, prefer Canada to pursue higher education and land in IT, Cybersecurity, and other allied careers. To work in Canada as a foreign national, one must first apply for a working visa from Nepal. Though students studying in Canada have easy access to post-study work rights, this is not the case for professionals looking to move to Canada and advance their careers. This guide has been put together to help you understand the process, procedure, eligibility, and documents required to apply for a Canadian Student Visa.

Canada Visa Types for Work Permits

There are two types of work visas available in Canada from the government of Canada.

  1. Open work permit
  2. Employer-specific work permit

Both visas have separate uses and importance. In open work visa, you are allowed to work for any employer in Canada. Employer-specific work visa is restricted to the specific employer during the contract period. For an open Work Visa proof of employment does not require an LMIA as well.


About IEC Applications (Canada Immigration under Express entry)

International Experience Canada is a program that allows young people from participating countries to work and travel in Canada for a specific period of time. To apply for the program, you will need to visit the International Experience Canada website and complete the Come to Canada questionnaire to determine if you are eligible.

You will then need to create and submit a profile and choose the pools that apply to you. While you wait for an “invitation to apply,” you should start preparing your supporting documents, such as a police certificate and proof of medical exam if required. If you receive an invitation to apply, you will have 10 days to accept or decline it. If you accept the invitation, you will have 20 days to submit a complete work permit application, which must include a job offer from an employer who has paid the employer compliance fee and provided you with an employer number. You will also need to provide biometrics and pay any required fees.

Once you have submitted your complete application, it will take approximately 56 days for it to be processed. If your application is approved, you will receive a Port of Entry Letter of Introduction and a work permit. You will then be able to travel to Canada and begin your work and travel experience.


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