Canada Seasonal Work Visa will be open from 9th January 2023

Canada is increasing its demand for labor by 20% i.e. more than 90000, under seasonal work visas and travel visas in 2023 application by 9th January 2023. I.e More immigrants will be allowed to work in Canada, especially in the Travel and Tourism sector. The eligibility and application process for Canada seasonal work visa 2023 will be available on the official website of the government.

This is in addition to the Express work visa that is open for 1.45 million immigrants to Canada to fill the labor gaps in Canada.

Essential Points on 20% increase in demand for young people under IEC For Seasonal work Visa in Canada

  • The Canadian government is allowing more young people to come to Canada to work and travel.
  • This program is called the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.
  • It’s a reciprocal program, which means young people from Canada can also go work and travel in other countries.
  • The IEC program helps young people learn about different cultures and languages, and also helps them get better job opportunities in the future.
  • The Canadian government is doing this to help employers find the workers they need, especially in the tourism industry.

Canada Government Statements

  • The Canadian government is helping more young people from other countries come to Canada to work and travel.
  • This is good for Canadian businesses, especially in the tourism industry, because they can find the workers they need.
  • International youth also brings a lot of value to Canada by learning about our cultures, languages, and societies.
  • This is an excellent opportunity for young people to get work experience and explore new things.


Where to check eligibility and how to apply for Canada Seasonal work visa 2023?

Before you check eligibility and the application process let’s understand some facts about IEC.

  • The International Experience Canada (IEC) program allows young people from Canada and 36 other countries to work and travel in each other’s countries.
  • People who apply for this program can work in Canada for up to 2 years.
  • There are three categories under the IEC program: Working Holiday, International Co-op (Internship), and Young Professionals.
  • The Working Holiday category lets people work anywhere in Canada to support their travels.
  • The International Co-op (Internship) category is for students who want to gain experience in their field of study.
  • The Young Professionals category is for people who want to get professional work experience in their field of study or career.



You can check the Canada working visa and eligibility details we have shared before. Mostly, if you have some experience in the field of travel and tourism, it will become easier for you to get a visa sooner.

Documents Required

  • ID Proof | Passport
  • CV (EUROPASS CV will Work)
  • Cover Letter
  • Family details and Experience certificates if any

There may be other documents required more information will be updated on 9th Jan 2023.

How to apply for a Canada Seasonal work Visa?

Applying process will be the same as a work visa however, some waiver in documents will be given. More details on the application process will be updated on January 9, 2023. To apply for a work permit, you need to go online and answer some questions about where you are applying from. You can apply from outside of Canada, from inside of Canada, or at a port of entry.

How to apply Canada seasonal work visa from outside Canada

You then select I am another type of worker and proceed. Note like UK Seasonal Work Visa if you obtain NOC from the employer directly then it will become easier for you to get a visa. This is for agriculture and healthcare facilities workers. Else you have to fill out the complete form available to Click on how to apply for Canada seasonal work visa permit.


Can I convert a visit visa to a Canada seasonal work visa?

Yes, You can convert your visit visa into a seasonal work visa for sure. But still, eligibility matters and you must fit into the eligibility criteria.


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