Lok Sewa – How to crack Lok Sewa exam in the first attempt

Every year lakhs of people try for the Lok Sewa (PSC) exam to get a job in the civil service sector. The exam is conducted by Lok Sewa Aayog. Civil Services fascinate people who want to do jobs in Nepal. The people who are interested in administration and serve as well choose to prepare for Lok Sewa. “Lok Sewa is one of the hardest exams to pass as it comprises of written and interview phases to clear so one should be very good at writing answers and reasoning as well as having clear communications skills.” Here are some steps that will help you to clear the Lok Sewa Exam on First Attempt.


Step 1:- Choosing the right coaching classes

Lok Sewa preparation starts when you think of it. So if you can able to do self-study or you don’t have enough resources you can go for it otherwise it is always better to have one coaching classes that help you in your studies and concept clearing. The coaching center will somehow lessen the burden of overstudying and covering the syllabus that is beyond the parameter of Lok Sewa. So take less stress & join coaching that will give you the best output and help you in your concepts. So join the best Lok Sewa institute that provides quality rather than quantity.


Step 2:- Planning and Booklets

The Second thing is Planning, Now planning is something that will help you to prepare and time allotment. So planning helps you what to study and how much time you give to certain topics. in the process of planning one should also consider where to study so there are several books available in the market but again you can’t eat whole fish in the ocean, so eat that much only which you can digest easily. Select the books that will give you a good concept and cover the syllabus as well.


Step 3:- Practice

“Practice makes a man perfect” Not being bias practice makes everyone perfect not just man and this applies to Lok Sewa as well- “The More you practice the more you gain confidence over particular topics”. Give lots of Mock Test evaluate yourself again coaching center will help you if you take one. writing previous year’s questions and essay writing will help you a lot in your written exam.


Step 4:- Be precise and to the point

Answers writing skills tested here are very unique in Lok Sewa. you can’t just write anything, answer the question give quality to the answer don’t just write it. Civil services exam test your personality as well so if you are clear your answer will guide the checker in better understanding of yours. Prefer quality over quantity and elaborate with examples.

Step 5:- Stay Updated

Staying updated and understanding your surrounding will help you in your interview. So prepare and stay updated on current affairs and general knowledge mainly it is a personality test so what is going on in your surrounding is matters. Common sense will be observed and it is completely unpredictable so you can always have your commonsense intact because the margin of errors is less. Have your basics clear in current affairs.


Here, if you follow these steps we hope you will clear the Lok Sewa in your first attempt. if you have already tried and there is no luck don’t lose hope if you have time again you can try and give your exam and this is a completely unpredictable exam you also can have plan B as it will not put you lots of stress on your study.


wish you all the best in your career!!


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