Barahi Hydropower will distribute 2.5 lakh units of shares

Barahi Hydropower will distribute 2,50,000 unit shares from Kartik 04; An offer letter for its initial public offering (IPO) to the Baglung area residents Impacted by the project has been made public by Barahi Hydropower Public Limited (Barahi). The initial public offering (IPO) for locals will begin on 4 Kartik 2079 and end on 18 Kartik 2079. If the issue is not subscribed to before the early closing date, it will shut on the 4 Mangsir 2079. There would be 2,50,000 units of shares issued with each a par value of Rs. 100. This amounts to 10% of the company’s capital (Rs. 25 crores). If the local issue is not completely subscribed, the remaining shares will be issued in addition to the number of shares allotted for the public offer.

Locals may submit applications for 10 shares or up to 10,000 shares. The promoter-public share ratio would be 72:28 after the IPO distribution of this IPO. NIBL Ace Capital is the issue manager of this IPO. ICRA Nepal is the issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] B- (pronounced ICRA NP issuer rating B minus) to Barahi Hydropower Public Limited (BHPL/the company). Basically, the Issuer is bad regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations. Barahi, a private limited company incorporated in April 2006, changed its status to a public limited company in March 2015 to allow for greater public engagement. Since July 8, 2018, the business has been running a 1.5 MW Theule Khola HEP in Nepal’s Baglung district of the Gandaki Province.

Details in Short: Barahi Hydropower

Face Value of Share: – Rs. 100
Number of Shares: –  2,50,000 Units of Share
Locals may submit applications for 10 shares or up to 10,000 shares.
For Locals: – 2,50,000 Units
Opening Date: – 2079-07-04
Closing Date: – 2079-07-18 (Extendable to 4 Mangshir 2079  if not fully subscribed) 

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