Mutual Fund IPO Opening soon for General Public

Mutual Fund IPO Opening soon for General Public: The closed-end mutual fund scheme “Sanima Growth Fund” has an offer letter. It is issued by Sanima Capital Limited. The publication will begin on Kartik 16, 2079, and end on Kartik 20, 2079.  If the issue is not completely subscribed by the early closing date, it may be extended until Kartik 30. There are 12 crore units each with a par value of Rs. 10. The fund manager Sanima Capital Limited received 2% of the total units, or 24 lakh units, while the fund promoter Sanima Bank Limited received 13% of the total units, or 1.56 crore units, valued at Rs. 15.6 crores.

Thus, the 10.20 crore units that remain will be distributed to the general population. A closed-end fund that can be traded on NEPSE, is the “Sanima Growth Fund”. The fund has an 11-year maturity period. People can apply a minimum of 100 units and a maximum of 1.20 crore units. Sanima Capital now oversees two closed-end funds in the market, namely Sanima Equity Fund (SAEF) and Sanima Large Cap Fund (SLCF).

Details in short:

Face Value of Share: – Rs. 10
Number of Shares: –  12 Crores Units
For Sanima capital limited: – 24 lakhs Units

Sanima bank limited: – 1 crore 56 lakhs

For Other General Public: – 10 crore 20 Lakhs Units
Opening Date: – 2079-07-16
Closing Date: – 2079-07-22 (Extendable to Kartik 30 if not fully subscribed)  


For more details, you can check the official website of Sanima bank limited. You may also comment below if you have any queries.

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