Bakena Bal Batika School

Bakena Bal Batika is the first Montessori-based school in Kshetrapur, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal. The organization was founded in 2065 B.S. (2009 A.D). It offers classes from playgroup to primary level. All children should have access to opportunities, which is its main goal. In a friendly and wonderful atmosphere, the teachers help students understand the curriculum for the overall development of children.

This preschool teaches kids a comprehensive, meaningful, and well-balanced curriculum of knowledge and skills through developmentally appropriate activities that support kids’ recommended emotional, physical, and mental development. It is a coeducational institution with an English-speaking faculty.

About This Preschool

Name: Bakena Bal Batika School
Establishment: 2065 B.S.
Medium: English | Nepali
Address: Kshetrapur, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal
Contact: 056-525433
Email: [email protected]
Type: Pre School


 Affordable Fee Structure
Classes from playgroup to primary level
Indoor and Outdoor games
Child-Centered Teaching Method
Qualified, Friendly, and trained Teaching Staff
Homely Environment

Pre-School Website

Best Preschool in Chitwan

Bakena Bal Batika School is one of the prestigious preschools  located in Chitwan. It teaches each student the value of education and the need to be a decent person in society. The goal of this preschool is to give each child a nurturing, secure, and safe atmosphere that fosters their physical, emotional, social, and academic growth. The school is committed to building a solid foundation for a fulfilling life. 

All subject areas, including art, science, math, and English, are explored by the Montessori method so that your child’s faculties are nourished and encouraged. Finally, the biggest education network in Nepal,, can help you make the right preschool choice for your child. You can get lists of preschools in whatever location you desire on this website.

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Bakena Bal Batika School


Bakena Bal Batika School

Bakena Bal Batika School
Bakena Bal Batika School


Location Map Of The Preschool

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