Armed Police Force Syllabus

In this article, we will discuss the Armed Ploce force syllabus in depth. A paramilitary ground force known as the Armed Police Force, Nepal, is in charge of conducting counterinsurgency operations throughout the country.

It is a semi-military branch with two jobs: military and law enforcement. The minimum age to enlist is 18, and service is voluntary. The Armed Police Force is anticipated to have a corps of 77,117 at the end of 2015. It was first established with a roster of 15,000 police and military troops.

The United People’s Front of Nepal, a branch of the ideologically Maoist Communist Party of Nepal, started what was then known as the “People’s War” in February 1996.
King Gyanendra was prompted to think about forming a separate police force by the rising armed opposition and criminal activity that followed the conflict.

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