Application Form for PCL and Diploma Level Exams is Now Available for Partial Students – CTEVT

Application Form for PCL and Diploma Level Exams is Now Available for Partial Students – CTEVT

Control of Examination Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). Information that must be considered when filling out the examination application for partial candidates at the diploma and certificate levels.

Physiotherapy, Yoga, and Naturopathy, Forestry Programs in First Year and Dental Conversion First and Second Year and Diploma in Engineering Programs, Hotel Management, Food and Dairy Technology, Social Works, and Entrepreneurship Development. Certificate Level Nursing, General Medicine, Medical Lab Technology, Radiography, Homeopathy, General Medicine, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Dental Science (Dental Hygiene), Ophthalmic Science, Agriculture (Crop Science and Animal Science), Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Since the exams are taking place, the applicants should submit the exam application form by January 22, 2079, for the standard charge, and by January 29, 2079, for the late price. This notification has make public in order for the involved academic institutions to submit the application.

Under the Special Scholarship Program in Technical Education (Dalit, Muslim, Endangered Caste and Earthquake Affected), a diploma in civil engineering, civil engineering (specialization in hydropower), automobile engineering, geomatics engineering, electrical engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning, information technology, food and dairy technology, hotel management, and an entrepreneurial development program are all available. General medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy, agriculture (crop science and animal science), and forestry programs are included in the first year second section partial and annual examination system. At the same time, the first year partial examination will also held. Please complete the application on the time and date specified above.

Additionally, students from the institution who do not meet the requirements below. Or who do not submit their application within the allotted period will not include toward the exam.

Download/View the Notice: Application Form for PCL and Diploma Level Exams

Note: –

  1. You should check ITMS Online to verify the date of the exam application form as well as the candidate’s symbol number.
  2. For normal fees, the educational institutions should input the examinees’ application forms in ITMS Online by 2079-10-22. and for late fees, by 2079-10-29.
  3. Additionally, this notification will be accessible at

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