IPO Result of Kalinchowk Darshan

IPO Result of Kalinchowk Darshan | At the offices of Nabil Investment Banking Limited in Kathmandu, the IPO allotment of Kalinchowk Darshan Limited has already concluded.

Kalinchowk Darshan Limited Closed its IPO to the General Public on the 6th of Magh 2079. Kalinchowk Darshan Issue this IPO Share on the 3rd of Magh 2079.

10 percent, or 108,000 units, of the total 10,80,000 units are already issued & allocated to Nepalese people working abroad. 2%, or 21,600 units, were set aside for company staff, while 5% or 54,000 units of the total offered shares have been reserved for mutual funds. And the general public receives the remaining 896,400 units of shares. With this IPO, the business hopes to raise Rs 8.96 crore after this IPO allot. the company’s paid-up capital will amount to Rs. 60 crores.

Before this, the company distributed 108,000 shares to Nepalese citizens working abroad & 1,20,000 shares worth Rs. 1.2 crore to locals affected by the project. The promoter stockholders own 80% of the company’s shares.

According to the allotment module, 89,640 candidates received 10 units each through a lottery, while the remaining 13,76,123 applicants received nothing.

The issue manager for the IPO issuance is Nabil Investment Banking Limited. A minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 4,990 units may be requested in an application.

Short Information about the IPO Result of Kalinchowk Darshan

                                        Kalinchowk Darshan Limited
Per Units 100
Total number of Share 10,80,000 Units
Price of Share Rs. 10,80,00,000
For Nepalese People Working Abroad 1,08,000 Units
For Mutual Fund 54,000 Units
For Company’s Employee 21,600 Units
For General Public 8,96,400 Units
IPO allot for 89,640 people
IPO issue manager Nabil Investment Banking Limited
Opening Range Rs 234.45
Lower Range Rs. 78.45
IPO Issue 3rd to 6th of Magh 2079


CDSC IPO Result, MeroShare, and Nabil Investment Banking Limited all have access to the IPO result. The Opening range of this IPO will be Rs 234.45 and the lower range will be Rs. 78.45.

About the Company

A public limited company named Kalinchowk Darshan Limited was established on January 20, 2015. For the purpose of constructing and running a cable car project in Kalinchowk, Dolakha, Nepal, both private individuals and institutional promoters from various backgrounds are involved.

The project comprises an about one-kilometre cable car ride, with a total of four gondolas two each system to carry people from Kuri Valley’s bottom station to the Kalinchowk Temple at the top. It can accommodate 192 passengers per hour for one-way trips.

The Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple, which is located in the Dolakha District in Bagmati Province’s Kalinchowk Rural Municipality, is one of Nepal’s most well-known religious and tourist sites. The temple is 3,842 meters above sea level and is situated in the Kalinchowk Rural Municipality.

The distance to Charikot, the Dolakha district’s administrative hub, is around 17 kilometres. From there, one may see many snow ranges in their entirety. Anyone who visits this place may easily see the high snow ranges, including Kanchenjunga, Langtang, Jugal, Gauri Shankar, and Ganesh Himal.

The Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple is simpler to access for visitors and worshippers thanks to Kalinchowk Darshan Limited. It has only provided the 24 km cable car service between Kuri and the Kalinchowk Bhagwati shrine from 17 Kartik 2075.

The number of religious and other visitors that come each year has significantly increased since the cable car began. The 2075 Best Tourist Destination Award has also been granted to Kalinchowk Darshan Limited.

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