10 Things that we can learn from Balen Shah

Many people assumed Balen’s candidacy for mayor of Kathmandu was only a publicity stunt when the news first came but today he is not only the most popular but also the most trusted candidate in Nepal. Balen Shah’s real name is Balendra Shah. He is not just a rapper who suddenly came into politics. Balen is also a Structural earthquake Engineer, Civil Engineer, Video Director, Scriptwriter, and Social Activist.


Balen Shah has held a lead since the early stages of the vote count, and it is expected that he will win. We can learn a lot from his political journey. He has exhibited the qualities that the majority of us lack. In this article, I’ll go through ten things we can all learn from Balen Shah that will help us improve our lives and careers. They are as follows.


To  have a clear vision:

Balen had a clear agenda and a profound vision right from the beginning of his political journey. Balen did not make big promises like other politicians. From the early stages of the election campaign, he has been saying that he will focus on particular sectors that require urgent reform and transformation. Such as eradication of pollution, ensuring health, ensuing better education, and promotion of tourism and cultural heritage. He has spoken the same thing in numerous interviews, YouTube podcasts, and public speeches that he will focus on specifically on those sectors. People believed in his objectives because his objectives were not scattered. He was specific and he properly communicated it to everyone. With his unwavering focus and commitment to his objective, He has gained the trust of a large number of people, which teaches us a valuable lesson that we must have a clear vision in life.


 To speak the truth without fear

He exposed numerous flaws in Nepalese politics. He blamed politicians, the government, and everyone else for Nepal’s underdevelopment and failures. Balen claimed in one interview that the Dharahara had lost its essence since it has not been reconstructed as it should have been after the earthquake. Dharahara was even nicknamed a “white tower” by him. Even though it was such a delicate subject to discuss. He spoke his mind without fear and persuaded others that he was correct.


To make use of our strengths

His main strength was rapping and countering opponents’ verbal punches with humorous responses. Throughout his election campaign, he used that strength to his advantage. He could digest severe criticisms, keep his composure during insults, and respond to such insults cleverly and entertainingly. Balen also wrote beautiful songs that made people cry and trust him. He highlighted the tragedies of Nepalese society and the frustrations of youth with politics and government through his songs.



To keep our cool in difficult situations

Many individuals made fun of Balen and many interviewers irritated him and attempted to drag him into controversy by asking him absurd questions. If he had felt insulted and reacted impulsively, people would have evaluated him negatively, but he didn’t. He maintained his composure. Even though his political opponents were brutal in their criticisms, he never lost his cool. When faced with a difficult question, he handled it graciously and quietly instead of speaking impulsively and aggressively. His opponent,  Keshav Sthapit, in particular, spoke impulsively and embarrassed himself in front of the public.


Keshav Sthapit has previously been accused of sexual harassment by two women. Later, when asked about the sexual harassment allegations, he became enraged and reacted impulsively. Keshav Sthapit could have used that question as an opportunity to clarify and restore his reputation, but he chose not to. I feel that he is guilty after watching his enraged response. Hence, what we can learn from Balen is that “ We should keep our cool in difficult situations” because being calm in stressful moments is important.



To make use of social media’s power

Balen Shah succeeded in using social media effectively. Balen Shah’s interviews were viewed by millions of people. In Nepal and around the world, his speeches and interviews went viral. His interview and speeches had a significant impact on Nepalese people living abroad as well. Balen shah was able to gather a lot of support thanks to his effective use of social media. Thus this can be a valuable lesson to those who belittle the power of social media. It is critical in today’s world to be available on social media and to use it to our advantage.



Have clarity and confidence in life


Balen shah was confident from the start that he would win. Keshav Sthapit, on the other hand, often declared victory before the election results but Sthapit didn’t seem confident. He rather seemed overconfident and pretentious. Keshav Sthapit’s overconfidence made a lot of people dislike him. Many people are also reported to have voted for Balen simply because they disliked the other candidates.


Balen had a clear mind and vision. He was humble and confident to the extent it was necessary. Balen never displayed any signs of arrogance or ego. He however had strong confidence, clarity, and faith in himself. People trusted Balen because of his clarity in his vision. This is what we all can learn from Balen.


To respect elders and our opponents


Balen had been insulted by his opponent several times, but he had never taken it personally. When they met in public, he even bent down and asked for Keshav Sthapit’s blessing. That made such a good impression. He also urges his supporters not to offend or criticize his political opponents or anyone else. Isn’t this fantastic? His humility was evident everywhere, and people admired him for it. If he had responded recklessly and aggressively like his opponents, he would have lost people’s trust in him. This is such a valuable lesson that we can learn from Balen, we must always respect our elders and our opponents.




To become a good observer

We should always be a good observer of the situation that is going around us. It’s not that Balen appeared out of nowhere and entered politics. He was always watchful and he had been carefully studying politicians and the situation of Nepal before running for Kathmandu mayor.


The use power of young demographics (Youth)

Balen Shah received a lot of support from young people during his election campaign. More than half of our population is made up of youth. The youth were quite supportive of him. He was already well-known among young people due to his Hip-Hop background. Later, he took advantage of his popularity to accomplish something worthwhile.


Always speak facts and be practical

The final lesson we can learn from Balen shah is that we should be less idealistic and more pragmatic in our daily lives. Balen Shah has been speaking facts and making sensible arguments since the beginning. On the other hand, his opponents have been peddling unrealistic visions to people. Many people trust Balen because he has always been clear, straightforward, and practical. He has not vowed to transform Nepal into Singapore. He has stated that if he wins he would focus on specific things. such as the protection of cultural heritage, educational development, pollution management, and so on. This clarity made it easier for people to see why they should vote for Balen.



To conclude these lessons, I would like to point out that Nepalese society is plagued with stereotypes, and many people refer to Balen as the so-called “Tyape” simply because he’s a rapper. Balen is proof that rapping does not make anyone a bad person or a so-called “Tyape”.

His journey has shattered stereotypes and exemplified “not to judge people or their carrer choices”. Mr. Balen Shah is proof that we can change our lives or pursue any job path we desire. Balen is proof that if we work hard enough, we can achieve everything we want in life. Shah has influenced many individuals through his actions, speeches, and songs. Balen Shah has held a lead in the vote count so far, and it is expected that he will win. I wish him the best of luck and hope that he will not let us down in the future.





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