What Happened in Israel?

A surprise attack by Hamas fighters on Israel has left thousands of Israelis including ten Nepalis dead so far, prompting Israel to respond with intense airstrikes. According to the Nepali Embassy in Israel, most of the Nepalese who were killed in the recent lethal attacks on Israel by the Palestinian militant group Hamas were from Sudurpaschim Province. There are roughly 4,500 Nepalis in Israel.

At 6:30A.M, last Saturday, Hamas fired a huge barrage of rockets targeting southern Israel, causing air raid sirens to shatter the morning silence. The Iron Dome, renowned as one of the world’s best air defense systems, was once again called into action. 5,000 rockets rained from the sky!


What is Hamas?

Hamas is considered as a terrorist organization by Israel, the United States, the European Union, and others.

Founded in 1987 during the First Intifada, Hamas’ object is to establish an Islamic state within the region of Palestine. The group currently holds administrative authority over the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory situated on the eastern Mediterranean coast. Following its victory in the 2006 Palestinian legislative election, it seized control of Gaza in 2007 following a violent conflict with its rival, Fatah. Since then, Hamas has effectively governed Gaza, while Fatah has retained control over the West Bank.


History of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

The conflict originated from Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Israeli forces unilaterally exited Gaza in August 2005, ending their 38-year presence in the region after capturing it from Egypt in the Middle East war. They left behind settlements and handed control of the area to the Palestinian Authority, according to Reuters.

In January 2006, the Islamist group gained a majority of seats in a Palestinian legislative election. Israel and the U.S. ceased providing aid to Palestinians due to Hamas’ refusal to renounce violence and recognize Israel, as reported by international agencies.

Despite the passage of time, the conflict remained unresolved. In January 2023, Islamic Jihad in Gaza fired two rockets at Israel following an Israeli military operation in a refugee camp that resulted in the deaths of seven Palestinian gunmen and two civilians.

In October, Hamas initiated the most significant attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip in the years.

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