Vitamin A and Deworming Tablet by Nepal Government

Nepal Government is launching a two-day civil program to administer Vitamin A supplements and deworming tablets.

The crusade will run in 2080 Kartik 17 and 18, where all the children between six months to five years will be administered Vitamin A supplements and deworming tablets.

Vitamin A Supplementation:

  • Purpose: The distribution of Vitamin A supplements is a crucial strategy to combat Vitamin A deficiency, a significant public health concern in numerous countries, including Nepal. Vitamin A supplementation helps prevent blindness and reduce child mortality.
  • Nepal’s Efforts: The Government of Nepal, with support from international organizations and non-governmental agencies, conducts biannual National Vitamin A supplementation campaigns. These campaigns target children aged 6 months to 5 years. During these campaigns, children receive high-dose Vitamin A capsules or drops, depending on their age. This initiative has contributed to reducing Vitamin A deficiency-related health issues in the country. In 2080, the Nepal Government plans to run this program at Baisakh which was conducted peacefully and at Kartik.

    Deworming Tablet Distribution:

  • Purpose: Parasitic worm infections are prevalent in many parts of Nepal and can lead to malnutrition, anemia, and other health problems, especially in children. Deworming tablet distribution programs aim to treat and prevent these infections.
  • Nepal’s Efforts: The Government of Nepal, often with the support of international organizations and NGOs, conducts deworming campaigns, especially in schools. Albendazole and Mebendazole are commonly used deworming medications, administered as a single oral dose. These campaigns help reduce the prevalence of parasitic infections and their associated health consequences.

     Baal Vita Campaign:

  • Purpose: The “Baal Vita” campaign, also known as the “Baal Vita” or “Child Nutrition Queen Campaign,” is an initiative of the Government of Nepal aimed at improving the nutritional status of children. The campaign focuses on reducing child malnutrition, and stunted growth, and promoting better health and nutrition for children.
  • Activities: The campaign involves various activities, including nutrition education, awareness programs, and distribution of fortified food products, nutritional supplements, and health services to children and their families.

These initiatives are part of Nepal’s comprehensive efforts to improve child health and nutrition and reduce the impact of nutritional deficiencies and parasitic infections. They are frequently conducted as public health campaigns and are integral to Nepal’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals related to child health, nutrition, and overall well-being. The success of these programs depends on collaboration between the government, international agencies, NGOs, and the active participation of local communities in promoting the health and nutrition of Nepal’s children.