Vacancy at UNFPA

Vacancy at UNFPA. The UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Country Office in Nepal is seeking qualified applicants.

Job Position

The management and supervision of the program activities funded by the UNFPA Supplies allocations for Nepal are the duties of the Programme Analyst, Family Planning/RHCS. He or she will collaborate closely with other members of the Reproductive Health team at UNFPA, including pertinent staff in the sub-national offices, the Family Welfare Division, the Logistic Management Unit, and other related Divisions/Centers of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) at the federal level, as well as with related UN agencies, I/NGOs, and implementing partners.

Eligibility & Criteria: –

A master’s degree in a relevant discipline, such as public health, social science, procurement, supply chain management, etc.

Particularly in the field of FP & RHCS, at least 2 years of professional experience working with public health systems and managing health programs, including direct expertise with planning, programming, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of health programs.

Extensive understanding of financial planning (FP) and supply chain management, including forecasting, distribution, warehousing, and logistics information systems (LIS).

Experience with significant supply chain management and public procurement in the health industry is desirable.

Effective interaction with a variety of stakeholders and program initiatives, as well as strong analytical abilities and the capacity to manage complexity and various local contexts; expertise of developing decentralized health systems.

Experience working with government and non-government partners at the national and sub-national levels.

Excellent writing and communication abilities, as well as the capacity to create reports that are concise. excellent computing abilities and expertise.

Fluency in both Nepali and English.

An electronic application management system has been set up by UNFPA. As a result, candidates may make a candidate profile that can be updated often and submitted for several job openings. The position’s complete job description may be found at http://neoal.unfoa.nre/vacancies. And only applications submitted online using this link will be considered.

Note: –

At any point in the application process, there are no application, processing, or other fees. The UNFPA does not ask for or screen for information on HIV or AIDS, and it does not make any distinctions based on someone’s HIV/AIDS status. The workplace at UNFPA upholds the principles of gender equality, teamwork, acceptance of diversity in all of its forms, honesty, and a good work-life balance. We urge women to apply because we are dedicated to preserving our fair gender mix. The UNFPA encourages diversity in the workforce and equitable opportunity for all. Including those with disabilities, and it practices positive discrimination when hiring applicants from groups that are subject to prejudice.

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