Thames International College

Located in the bustling core of Kathmandu at Purano Baneshwor, Thames International College is more than just a place of learning, it’s a meeting found for minds from every corner of Nepal. It is divided into two schools, the School of Business and Technology, and the School of Social Sciences as it offers a diverse range of Business Programs.

Thames International College’s reputation is built on academic excellence, the passion of experienced educators, and an immersive learning atmosphere. Students are encouraged to inquire, challenge, critically reflect, discuss, and comment on the concepts and frameworks that shape present-day practices here.

With a focus on preparing students for real-world challenges, Thames empowers them to make informed decisions independently.

The college is thrilled to announce that admissions are now open, inviting eager minds to embark on this transformative educational journey. Apply now!

Courses Offered


The program spans 4 academic years, comprising 8 semesters and totaling 123 credit hours. Rooted in a structured curriculum, it offers high-quality education to nurture competence and leadership across various sectors. This program offers specializations including General Management, Marketing Management, Finance, Accountancy, and Management Science.


BIM is a degree merging IT and business management. Graduates can become IT project managers, business analysts, data analysts, or tech consultants, aligning technology with business goals.


BASW is a 4-year program whose aim is to produce generalist social workers to fulfill the needs of contemporary Nepal as well as the world. Graduates may find career opportunities in child welfare, mental health, school social work, health care, gerontology, and more.

BCA- Thames International College

The course provides a strong foundation in computer science and application skills. A student pursuing this course is expected to be able to design software applications that are useful for the industry. Graduates of BCA could get jobs in various positions as Software Developers, Systems Analysts, Web Designers, and Data Scientists.


This course is similar to BBA. The difference is BBS focuses majorly on practice; a exposure, not on theoretical study. Various business courses are integrated with a realistic and industry-based focus to build sound business ideas in the course. Students can specialize in management, accounting, marketing, and information systems.


It is a 3-year degree program designed for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in business management. The curriculum of this course includes subjects such as entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, finance, and management information systems. BBM graduates can work in financial institutions, sales, marketing, production management, distribution, Hospitality, and Leisure.

BPsy at Thames International College

BPsy stands for Bachelor of Psychology, a degree focused on studying human behavior and mental processes. With this degree, individuals can pursue careers in counseling, human resources, social service, research healthcare, criminal justice, and more.


A Bachelor’s degree in Rural Development focuses on understanding and improving rural communities. Graduates can become rural development specialists, Community Development Workers, Agricultural Extension Officer, Researcher/Analyst, Environmental conservationists, and more.

BJM at Thames International College

A Bachelor of Arts in Journalism is a degree program that focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in journalism and media. The degree prepares graduates for careers as reporters, editors, broadcasters, online content creators, Freelance writers, and more in media and related fields.


The program provides knowledge in the areas of sociology and anthropology, focusing on the analysis of social and cultural institutions. Career options for the Graduates with this degree can be human resources, public research, policy analysis, and more.

MBS at Thames International College

MBS is a degree that equips individuals with advanced knowledge and skills in various aspects of business and management. Graduates with this degree can pursue leadership roles, managerial positions, and specialized careers in business, finance, marketing, operations, and other related fields.

Facilities Offered

-Career Counseling/ Exploration
-Internship/Job Search Assistance

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