Scholarship for BALLB at Pokhara University

Scholarship for BALLB at Pokhara University. According to the Pokhara University Scholarship Regulations, 2065, candidates for the Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws (BALLB) program. Which has been running since this academic term in the Angik School of Pokhara University. Should be chosen from an open competition for free scholarship studies in 7 quotas. Applications have been invited from Nepali citizens who meet the requirements below.

Except for the local, teacher & staff children’s quotas, the university will receive quotas for scholarships. Of these, 60% of the quotas will be open, & 40% of the quotas will be set aside for the Madhesi, Durgam, Dalit, and injured victims of the people’s movement, as well as for the disabled, martyrs, and injured victims of the people’s movement. Both open and reserved scholarship quotas will reserve a 50/50 percentage of scholarships for female students. Visit the Pokhara University website at or the link for the scholarship program at for more information about the scholarship program.

Minimum educational requirements for enrollment in the BALLB program

  1. Class 11 and Class 12 or a comparable grade using the alphabet
  • The candidates should have passed the NEB SLCE (Class 12) test or an equivalent degree in any discipline from a reputable academic institution.
  • Candidates must have a minimum grade of “D+” in each subject (for students who have passed the SLCE from NEB to 2078 BS) or a minimum grade of “D” in each subject (for those who pass the SLCE from NEB in 2079 BS).
  • A pass division from a reputable board or a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 1.6 on a scale of 4.0

  2. Classes 11 and 12, or classes comparable under the Marks System: 12 Pass

For further information, you can Download/View the Notice Below: – Scholarship for BALLB at Pokhara University

Note: –

  1. The average or final grade will be used as the foundation if there is a practical or theoretical test.
  2. You must complete the scholarship application form online at the specified website (
  3. Candidates for the remaining quota who have studied in public schools (aside from those who have studied from class 6 to class 10) and candidates who have studied in institutional schools and passed SEE and SLC may apply.
  4. Scholarship Application Form Candidates who have studied at least from class 6 through class 10 in public schools and passed SEE or SLC.

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