Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic Institute

Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic Institute is located at Jahada, Sisawanijahada, Morang, Nepal. The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training is connected to it. This institution is also recognized by the Nepal Nursing Council and the Nepal Health Professional Council. The programs such as Staff Nurse, VJTA, TSLC Ayurved, P JTA, and ANM are running at this college. This institution helps unemployed, semi-educated, and uneducated people become productive and independent, by offering them a variety of technical education programs.

The goal of this college is to make Nepal prosperous from the village up, focusing on empowering women and other underrepresented groups to become independent and equal members of society. It focuses on gradually expanding the program into more villages in order to engage the village people and gain support for the movement at the local level. It serves as a resource center for people working in the community development sector and offers consultation or any other kind of help.

About Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic Institute

Name: Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic Institute
Type: Private Institution
Establishment: 1997 A.D.
Email: [email protected]
Medium: English
Address: Jahada, Sisawanijahada, Morang, Nepal
Contact: 021-570760 / 9852022209

Facilities Offered:


  • Short Term – Skill Based Vocational Trainings
  • Research, surveys, monitoring & evaluations
  • Gender advocacy & women empowerment
  • Participatory rural development
  • Livelihood improvement
  • Library
  • Canteen
  • Scholarship

Offered Programs: CTEVT

-PCL Nursing
-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science)
-Pre-Diploma in Veterinary Science
-Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science)
-Pre-Diploma In Livestock Production / Animal Health
-Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Science)
-Pre-Diploma in Survey Engineering (AMIN)
-Pre-Diploma in Computer Engineering (Computer Sub-Overseer)

Best college in Morang

Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic Institute is one of the best technical college located in the Morang district of Nepal. It engages communities in various income-generating initiatives to help them become self-sufficient through offering skill development. This institution is run in affiliation with CTEVT to offer education. The fee structure is affordable as compared to other such similar kinds of colleges. If you are a student residing in the Morang district and looking for college to pursue studies in technical field then, Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic Institute can be the best college choice for you without a doubt.
Land Mark: Jahada, Sisawanijahada, Morang, Nepal

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