Paragon Public School

Paragon Public School opened its doors in 1994 with 57 students and 15 employees. It moved to its own property of roughly 15 Ropanis lands in Tilganga, Kathmandu, in the year 2003. The focus is on creating a fun and engaging learning environment where a child’s abilities can be developed. The School is affiliated with NEB.

Paragon Public School Wiki

Name: Paragon Public School

Establishment: 1994

Medium: English

Address: Near Tilganga hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact: 980-2309380, 4568638 / 5900785 / 4580249 / 4592006 /4113791 /4480249

Email: [email protected]

Class: High School upto Class X


  • Hostel
  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Internet
  • Transport
  • Science Lab
  • Conference
  • Computer Lab
  • Parking
  • ECA


Why Paragon Public School?

The majority of a child’s productive life, in our opinion, is spent in school. They are now sufficiently curious and inquisitive to explore uncharted territory and delve into the depths of knowledge. They undergo a significant transformation in terms of emotional attachment, physical development, and social well-being during this time. Children at this age have a tremendous amount of energy and curiosity, which needs to be properly channeled and handled in a positive way. Children are assisted in recognizing, realizing, and applying their innate abilities in daily learning and extracurricular activities by the progressive and well-balanced pedagogy that is upheld by the dedicated mentors of Paragon. In all areas of development, schools promote “higher-order thinking and performance,” and Paragon Public School pays close attention to every last detail.

Why Paragon Public School

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Academic leaders in their fields department heads are primarily accountable for the department’s operational performance. It is acknowledged that the methods used by heads of departments to the extent of delegation vary depending on elements like the size and catchment of the departments and the individual head of the department’s personal approach. It is their responsibility to advance knowledge, critical thinking, and intellectual independence in order to improve society’s understanding, growth, and general well-being. This is accomplished by building upon the pillars of thorough research and instruction.


Extra Curricular & Admission Policy of the School

The school’s co-curricular programs are designed to keep students interested and instill social skills and values in them. Molesters closely monitor all of the learners’ activities and associated tasks and commends them for their effort. The institution is still dedicated to its mission of fostering.

Paragon Academy’s policy on admissions prohibits discrimination in admissions based on gender, race, nationality, religion, or language. Admissions are based on the outcome of the entrance exam and results of the most recent exam taken in the previous school. Medical conditions that preclude enrollment include a decline in a child’s psychological development and illnesses linked to abnormalities of the nervous system.

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