Notice Regarding TU Bachelor 1st Year Exam Postpone

Notice Regarding TU Bachelor 1st Year Exam Postpone  | Notice Regarding TU Bachelor 1st Year Exam Postpone notice is out today on Baisakh 07, 2080. This notice is public by Tribhuvan University Office Of The Controller Of Examination Balkhu.

Tribhuvan University Exam Controller Office Balkhu has been conducting Bachelor Level 1st year yearly examination from Baisakh 04, 2080 But on Baisakh 10 that on the same date of exam, there is an Election of Union Parliament. For this reason, Tribhuvan University has decided to postpone the exam of 10th Baisakh 2080 as per the request from the Election Commission Ministry of Home Affairs and Education.

According to the decision of the Central Examination Steering Committee on 7th Baisakh 2080, the examination on 10th Baisakh 2080 is postponed. According to the committee, the decision exam will conduct on 16th Baisakh 2080 at the same time and place.

10 Baisakh 2080, 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. (Faculty of Management), subject and time Accounting for Financial Analysis and Financial Accounting – MGT 211

For the Faculty of Humanities, exam time is 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Sanskrit/Maithili/English/Neapli/Hindi/Nepal Bhasha/Neapli – 421. This notice is for the benefit of all parties that exam of that will conduct on, 16th Baisakh 2080.

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