Notice Regarding RBB Recommendation For Waiting List Candidates

Notice Regarding RBB Recommendation For Waiting List Candidates | Notice Regarding RBB Recommendation For Waiting List Candidates is public now. This notice has been public on Baisakh 12, 2080. RBB announced the advertisement on 2078/07/14 for the filling up of posts in the 4th level posts of this bank. Candidates who are successful in the open competitive written test and interview are eligible for appointment to level 4th assistant posts.

By the decision of the filling committee of this bank. and the offices under it), dated  2079/11/25 (Ad. No. 98.2078079 is for Office outside the valley under Bagmati Province. Date 2079/12/11 (Ad. No. 100.2078 2079 is for Offices under Lumbini Province. Similarly, Ad. No. 10120780079 refers to Karnali Province and offices under it. For the posts that became vacant due to some candidates’ failure to This message is being public for everyone’s knowledge.

Candidates recommended for appointments from the waiting list should obtain:

  • An appointment letter
  • A health certificate from a physician certified by the Nepal Medical Council
  • Three copies of passport-size photographs
  • one certified copy of their citizenship
  • Educational Credentialssaffi
  • Copies of these documents for all members of their family (parents, spouses, and children).

Candidates should contact the Human Resources Department of the bank’s central office with a copy of the mother-in-law’s citizenship certificate. Within 35 (thirty-five) days of the date of this notice’s initial publication, candidates who have been recommended for an appointment from the waiting list can obtain the appointment letter. If the proposed candidates for appointment are fully and exclusively employed by the Nepali government or an organization.

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