Nepal Police Jumla | An awareness Program against drug abuse and cybercrime is started for students

Nepal Police Jumla | An awareness Program against drug abuse and cybercrime is starte for students. A student awareness program against drug addiction and cybercrime is start.

The purpose of the class, according to DSP Narendra Chand, is to educate students about society’s growing drug addiction and cybercrime. He said that the community-police collaboration program was used to carry out this awareness campaign. According to DSP Chand, children who came from different schools to take SEE tuition were given lessons on the dangers of narcotics and the issues posed by cybercrime.

This initiative will start providing training on drug addiction. Cybercrime, and other topics to all of the tuition centers currently in operation. Chand claims that there is a lot of paraphernalia use currently in Jumla. Thus it is important to educate youngsters about it. He assert that raising people’s awareness of various crimes, keeping peace and security in society. And reducing juvenile drug abuse and technology abuse all depend heavily on raising people’s understanding of these issues.

Teenage students are increasingly misusing computers, becoming addicted to drugs, and experiencing road insecurity, according to the police. Therefore, it would appear that everyone should be aware of this given the rise in crime and insecurity in society.

According to tuition management, this police effort will assist teenagers and young students in the community in avoiding social evil and crime.

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