Nepal Medical Council is ready to permit MBBS graduates to work in other fields

Nepal Medical Council is ready to permit MBBS graduates to work in other fields. The Nepal Medical Council will make arrangements to ensure that students who passed the MBBS test but failed the license. (registration certificate) an examination does not require a license in order to practice medicine in the future. Despite finishing their MBBS program in six years, students (doctors) frequently fail the exam required to obtain their medical license.

MBBS students are currently not permitted to continue their education in any other field without passing the licensure exam. As a result, they spend every day of their life studying for the license exam. The council says they are not permitted to evaluate patients. The council is about to allow doctors who have earned their MBBS and BDS degrees to choose careers other than patient examination.

The existing system of mandatory licensing examinations is sought for students who have passed MBBS. Even while studying other disciplines, according to the president of the Nepal Medical Council Prof. Dr. Bhagwan Koirala. He said that they earned the degree since they passed the MBBS exam and that they won’t be able to examine patients if they don’t pass the license test.

Many times, MBBS is going to be accepted as a degree for students who have failed the license exam. According to the current system. MBBS graduates are not permitted to enroll in other faculties until they have passed the license exam.

Nepal Medical Council is ready to permit MBBS graduates to work in other fields.

Because a student (doctor) who has failed the license exam 12 times is unable to examine patients, if he or she passes the MBBS exam, they will be awarded the degree. After the doctors failed numerous times, according to Dr. Krishna Prasad Adhikari, the registrar of the Nepal Medical Council, they are going to take steps to ensure that they are qualified in occupations other than patient examination.

He said that for students who failed the medical council’s license exams, collaboration with universities, medical institutions, etc., is being done. A doctor who has completed the MBBS program should currently pass the Medical Council’s license exam in order to pursue further education in any other field.

There is no option to study another topic even if they pass the MBBS but fail the license exam. Dr. Adhikari claimed that other nations have a system in place that enables MBBS doctors to change their line of work. If they are unable to evaluate patients and Nepal suffers as a result of the absence of this system. Dr. Adhikari added, “Not just by studying doctor, but if the patient is not qualified for examination, there is no sense in studying doctor. It is unknown if it can examine the patient or not.

The license exam has been failed by many MBBS candidates in Nepal 30-35 times. He declared that he would provide up opportunities for doctors who consistently fail the exam to pursue their studies in other disciplines. According to Dr. Adhikari. A major factor in why students consistently pass the MBBS exam but fail the license exam is the medical college.

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